3 Offlane Heroes Candidates for META in MLBB Season 20

3 Offlane Heroes Candidates for META in MLBB Curious?


Hello Vicigers friends, In season 20 there are 3 offlane OP heroes currently dominating the EXP lane in Mobile Legends (ML), namely Esmeralda, Uranus and Paquito. These three heroes are almost always banned/picked in every ranked match.

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This makes the offlaner players confused because most offlaner heroes who are not META will find it difficult to fight these 3 heroes.

But you know what? There are 3 offlane heroes who have the potential to enter the MLBB META after this. These 3 underrated heroes are suitable for offlaners to master as an alternative to Esmeralda, Uranus, and Paquito when banned or picked up by opposing heroes.


3 Offlane Heroes Candidates for META in MLBB Season 20
Source : UHD Wallpapers

Barats is a hero who has recently been buffed quite often by Moonton. The additional HP% damage buff from passive and skill 1 from Barats turns out to have a significant impact on this hero's damage output.

For Barats who makes HP items, the damage from bursts of skill 1 and the stomping passivity is quite painful, especially in the mid to late game. In teamfight Barats is also quite tough so he is also suitable to be played with meta 2 support which is often used by the public.


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Shield, heal and regen effects will be cut by 30% by Baxia's passive. This effect can also be stacked with the 50% effect of reducing the regen from Necklace of Durance (NOD) so that heroes like Esmeralda, Uranus, and Paquito who rely heavily on their shields can be countered well by Baxia.

Baxia is also a hero that can rotate to help the midlane quickly because of his 1st skill. Baxia will also usually create tank items which make them suitable for use in meta 2 support.


Source : google.com

Similar to Alpha, Terizla is a fighter that has been quite forgotten in Mobile Legends (ML). Because it didn't work, Moonton almost never stopped giving buffs to this hero. But there are still many players who are not aware that this hero is much better than the previous one.

He can clear lane quickly, so he can cut minions in offlane easily. Then the damage from skill 2 hurts even Uranus, Esmeralda, and Paquito in the early game even though they don't have items. This is compounded by the very short cooldown of Terizla's skills which allows him to spam these sick skills.

In the mid-late game, this hero can be said to be quite tough because of his passive which will make him more durable when his HP decreases.

These are the 3 MLBB offlane heroes that SPIN Esports predicts will be good alternatives at this time. We are also pretty sure that these 3 heroes will be META heroes to replace Uranus, Esmeralda, and Paquito who will probably be nerfed again in the next few updates.

The 3 heroes above meet the offlane hero criteria required by META:

  • durable, can be a tank
  • Counter Meta, can be a good counter for the current meta offlane hero
  • Have CC, these three heroes have CC that is good enough in teamfight to target the opponent's core hero

Not only that, the 3 offlane heroes (EXP) above are quite easy to use for offlane players in general, so they are perfect for those of you who want to start learning these heroes.

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