Best Characters for Song of Days Past Genshin Impact Users

The best character of Song of Days Past Genshin Impact users

If you are building a healer character, Song of Days Past is one of the artifacts Genshin Impact which the author recommends.

This artifact is the latest artifact released by Genshin Impact in update 4.3 along with the Nighttime Whispers in Echoing Woods artifact.

This artifact set is great for support characters who can restore HP. However, you also need a character who can increase or maximize the damage input given by DPS or other characters on the team.

The author will explain the complete characters and complete bonuses of the Song of Days Past Genshin Impact artifact before you farm this artifact.

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Compatible Characters Using the Song of Days Past Artifact Set

Domain Locations for Farming Song of Days Past

waterfall wen genshin impact domain
Waterfall Wen Domain (source: VCGamers)

The Song of Days Past artifact set is available with 4-star and 5-star rarity artifact options.

This artifact is an artifact that can be obtained from the domain by exchanging 20 resin to get the artifact after you complete the domain challenge.

If you use Condensed Resin (which is made with Crystalfly + 40 resin alchemically) you have the opportunity to get more artifacts with high star rarity levels.

To get the Song of Days Past artifact set, players must farm in a domain called Waterfall Wen.

You can find this domain on the East Slopes of Mont Automnequi which is located in the Fontaine region..

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Genshin Impact Song of Days Past Artifact Set Bonus

song of days past genshin impact
Fullset Artifact (source: VCGamers)

Using 2 sets of Song of Days Past artifacts will automatically give the character a Genshin Impact Healing Bonus +15%.

Characters who use a full set of artifacts or a total of 4 sets will get an effect called Yearning after the character uses a Skill or Burst to restore the HP of another character on the team.

The Yearning effect will be active for 6 seconds to record the total HP recovered including periodic HP recovery.

This effect can record a maximum of 15,000 HP or healing performed but does not apply multiples.

So for example if there are 2 characters using this artifact set, the total recorded is combined into one recording instead of 2 different recordings. 

The Yearning effect will then be replaced by the Waves of Days Past effect after the duration of the effect runs out: 

The Waves of Days Past effect will increase the damage from Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Plunging Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst for 10 seconds or 5 times after the effect is used.

The amount of DMG increase provided by Waves of Days Past is 8% of the total HP recovered and recorded by the Yearning effect.

There are significant differences between the Song of Days Past and the Ocean-hued Clam artifact.

While Ocean-hued Clam will accumulate total HP recovery and will only deal DMG to enemies after a certain duration, Song of Days Past will increase DMG from other character attacks. 

Both have the same good function. However, if you are looking for an artifact that can provide a "buff" as well as increase the character's healing abilities, Song of Days Past is the best choice. 

You need to consider if you need buffers, artifacts such as Noblesse Oblige still better.

And in terms of the DMG input given by the character, according to the author, the use of Ocean-hued Clam on healer characters is still far superior to this artifact.

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Characters and Number of Sets Used

sangonomiya kokomi burst animation genshin

Sangonomiya Kokomi (source: VCGamers)From the previous discussion we can conclude that the most recommended character to use this artifact set is a character who can restore HP or is usually called a healer.

According to the author, you can still use all Healer characters in a full set or 2 sets.

This full set of artifacts will be very good for healers who can also provide increased buffs to characters who can only act as healers for example Barbara and Qiqi.

Characters who can provide additional buffs or ATK such as Charlotte, Chevereuse, Baizhu, or Kokomi are also very good for using Song of Days Past.

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