PUBG Sensitivity Settings For Spray Accuracy, AIM Goes Crazy!


Check this post to see what the sensitivity settings are PUBG for the accuracy of your spray or shot, so AIM can go crazy!

Aim is the main element that determines player performance and match results in the popular battle royale game, PUBG. Those with good aim tend to perform well and get more kills than others, maintaining a better K/D ratio.

With more and more players joining the game every day, players have dived into the depths of the game. However, tweaking PUBG sensitivity settings can help you increase your aim easily.

PUBG Sensitivity Settings For Best Aim

PUBG's sensitivity settings play an important role in helping players improve their aim by reducing weapon recoil, which allows them to win more fights and become victorious in more matches.

Since the game has such a large player base, in-game lobbies are more competitive. As a result, you have to adjust the sensitivity to increase aim.

The ideal PUBG sensitivity settings that players can follow to perform better in Battle Royale mode are as follows.

Camera Sensitivity

PUBG Sensitivity Settings

PUBG's sensitivity setting on the camera works in tandem with the other two sensitivities and refers to the on-screen sensitivity controlled using the in-game eye button.

This allows the player to get a 360-degree view of the match. Here's how the user can change Camera Sensitivity in PUBG games.

  • 3rd Person No Scope: 230-250 percent
  • 1st person No scope: 230-250 percent
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 25-35 percent
  • 2x Scopes: 33-45%.
  • 3x Scopes: 34-45%.
  • 4x ACOG Scopes, VSS: 26-31%.
  • 6x Scopes: 19-24%.
  • 8x Scopes: 16-22%.

ADS sensitivity

PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Aim Down Sight (ADS) Sensitivity plays an important role in combat in both classic and special matches in the game. With its help, the user can control the weapon's recoil when they drag their aim with their thumb.

Players who use gyroscopes generally have less ADS Sensitivity than those who choose not to. Here's how to change the different options in ADS Sensitivity.

  • 3rd Person No Scope: 120 percent
  • 1st Person No Scope: 105-110
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 2%.
  • 2x Scopes: 3%.
  • 3x Scopes: 24-28%.
  • 4x ACOG Scopes, VSS: 10-30 percent
  • 6x Scopes: 15-22%.
  • 8x Scopes: 24-28%.

Gyroscope and ADS Gyroscope

PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Using the gyroscope will help you shift your aim from one target to another by tilting your HP, helping you to take out multiple enemies in one shot.

You can transfer their shots from one target to another by tilting their phone with the help of the built-in gyroscope on your phone.

Throughout the season, players playing at full Gyroscope Sensitivity have performed better than others. Here's how to set PUBG Sensitivity settings on the ideal Gyroscope.

  • 3rd Person No Scope: 350-400 percent
  • 1st Person No Scope: 350-400 percent
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 350-400 percent
  • 2x Scopes: 350-400%.
  • 3x Scopes: 320-350%.
  • 4x ACOG Scopes, VSS: 320-350 percent
  • 6x Scopes: 120-140%.
  • 8x Scopes: 84-88%.

Gyroscope sensitivity, as the name implies, is related to the gyroscope. Those of you who have higher gyroscope sensitivity have more control over the spray because you only need to tilt your HP towards the enemy.

  • 3rd Person No Scope: 120
  • 1st Person No Scope: 105-110
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 2
  • 2x Scopes: 3
  • 3x Scopes: 24-28
  • 4x ACOG Scopes, VSS: 10-30
  • 6x Scopes: 15-22
  • 8x Scopes: 25-27
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The PUBG Mobile game offers its players various PUBG sensitivity settings that you can tweak to their liking to bring changes to your gameplay.

These settings work in tandem with PUBG's sensitivity settings and can be found in the Basic and Advanced Controls section of the Control tab.

Here's a look at the different in-game general settings that work in tandem with PUBG's sensitivity settings:

  • Scope Mode: Hold
  • Camera Rotation While ADS: Enabled
  • QuickScope Switch: Enabled
  • Focal Length Adjustments
  • Peek: Enable Lean Mode: Hold
  • Peak and Open Scope: Enable
  • Sprint Sensitivity: 50 percent
  • Aim Assist: Enable
  • Third Person Perspective (TPP) Camera View: 81
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PUBG Mobile helps players to share their sensitivity codes with others. Most popular YouTubers and pro gamers are seen sharing their sensitivity codes to their fans looking to emulate their heroes.

Here's the sensitivity code for reference: 7076-2791-3678-2649-621. However, players who have their own sensitivity settings tend to perform better than those who follow other players' codes.

The increasing popularity of the PUBG Mobile game has led to an increase in the number of players. This resulted in increasingly competitive lobbies.

To perform better, players need to find the perfect sensitivity setting that will allow you to easily take down your opponent during battle.

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Furthermore, it will also boost their goals, instilling confidence. That's how to set PUBG sensitivity so you have good aim like a pro player. Just adjust to your playing style.

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