Revealing the Secret Behind the Greatness of the Mini14 Weapon in PUBGM

The Mini14 in PUBG Mobile is a powerful weapon with several superior features that make it a favorite choice for players.
Mini Weapon14
Mini Weapon14. Source: PUBG

In the competitive world of PUBG Mobile, strong weapons are the key to player success in various combat situations. The Mini14, as one of the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) weapons that has received favoritism, is known for its extraordinary versatility in close and long-range combat.

With a semi-automatic firing mode and using 5.56mm ammunition, the Mini14 offers a balance between speed and accuracy that makes it the top choice as a PUBG weapon on the virtual battlefield.

This article will dive into various aspects of Mini14, from its statistics and superior features, to how to optimize its use with recommended attachments.

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Mini14 Featured Statistics and Features

Mini Weapon14
Mini Weapon14. Source: VCGamers

The Mini14 in PUBG Mobile is a powerful weapon with several superior features that make it a favorite choice for players. With three available attachment slots—Muzzle, Scope, and Magazine—players can increase weapon performance according to their needs on the battlefield.

Mini14 Key Features and Statistics:

  • Weapon Type: Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
  • Magazine Capacity: Can hold 20 bullets which can be increased to 30 with Extended Mag
  • Ammunition Type: 5.56mm
  • Initial Bullet Velocity: 990 m/s, which is one of the highest in the game, allowing for better long-range accuracy
  • Weapon Power:
    • Power: 53/100
    • Range: 75/100
    • Recoil: 45/100
    • Firing Speed: 60/100

Despite having the largest magazine capacity among all sniper rifles, the Mini14's distinctive firing sound makes the player's position easier to detect. Additionally, the Mini14 has a disadvantage in terms of damage per bullet compared to other DMRs such as SKS and SLR, which require more shots to eliminate an enemy.

However, with its high muzzle velocity and low recoil, the Mini14 provides better control when firing rapidly, making it an effective weapon for hitting moving targets and for long-range combat.

Significant changes to the Mini14's recoil in various updates have improved the weapon's stability, allowing players to tap fire quickly without significant recoil. This makes the Mini14 a reliable choice in a variety of combat situations.

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Advantages of Mini14 on the Battlefield

Advantages of Mini14. Source; VCGamers

In PUBG Mobile battles, Mini14's advantages can be relied on in various scenarios. Here are some important points that highlight the advantages of this weapon:

  • Low Recoil: The Mini14 is known for its low recoil, allowing players to shoot more accurately and quickly. This is very advantageous when engaging in long-range combat.
  • High Rate of Fire: With its high rate of fire, the Mini14 allows players to fire off consecutive shots more quickly, providing a greater chance of hitting the target.

When using Mini14, players are advised to:

  • Utilizes the technique of firing three consecutive bullets to produce fast and accurate damage from a distance.
  • Prioritize head shots, because one head shot can produce 92 damage, enough to knock out an enemy wearing a level 2 helmet.
  • Combine the Mini14 with close range weapons such as a shotgun or submachine gun for more intense combat.

To improve accuracy in long-range combat, players should:

  • Choosing the Right Scope: Using a 4x or 6x scope will help increase the Mini14's accuracy, especially in long-range combat where this weapon is superior.

The Mini14 is not only reliable for long-range combat but is also flexible enough for close combat, making it a versatile weapon. With a magazine capacity of 20 bullets, players can eliminate several enemies before needing to reload.

In conclusion, the Mini14 is a tough and reliable weapon in the right hands, making it a popular choice among PUBG Mobile players.

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Mini14 Disadvantages and How to Overcome Them

Mini14 Skins
Mini14 Skins. Source: PUBG

Even though Mini14 in PUBG Mobile has many advantages, there are several disadvantages that players need to pay attention to. These deficiencies could affect the weapon's effectiveness in certain conditions on the battlefield:

  • Lower damage output: Compared to other DMRs such as SKS and SLR, Mini14 may require additional shots to take down enemies.
  • Less effective in direct confrontation with bolt-action snipers: These snipers have the potential to kill instantly with a headshot, while the Mini14 requires more than one shot.
  • Higher recoil: This can make the Mini14 difficult to control, especially when in auto-fire mode.

To overcome these shortcomings, players can make several adjustments:

  • Install the compensator or muzzle brake: This will reduce the Mini14's recoil, allowing better control when firing.
  • Use extended mag: To increase magazine capacity and minimize reloading time.
  • Practice controlling recoil: Use training grounds or in-game to learn how to control the Mini14's recoil effectively.
  • Adjust ADS sensitivity settings: This greatly affects the Mini14's accuracy when firing automatically.
  • Use Forex tricks: Position the target between the black line and the red line in the scope for better accuracy, no matter the distance.
  • Practice at the training grounds: Take the time to learn and master the Mini14's recoil patterns, which will help with more effective control in real play.
  • Choose another DMR according to your playing style: Some players may prefer SLR or SKS depending on their playing style and skills. The SLR has higher damage but greater recoil, while the SKS has a higher damage rate but lower magazine capacity.
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Recommended Attachments for Mini14

Maximizing Mini14 performance in PUBG Mobile requires choosing the right attachment. The following are recommended attachments to increase the effectiveness of this weapon in combat:


  • Compensator: Reduces recoil significantly, making it easier to control when shooting.
  • Sniper Suppressor or Flash Hider: To suppress the sound of gunshots and reduce flash visibility when firing, helping players remain undetected.


  • 6x Scope: Provides clearer vision and better magnification for long-range shots. Another alternative is an 8x or 15x scope for higher magnification.
  • 4x Scope: A versatile choice for mid to long range combat, effective for late game scenarios.


  • Ext. Quickdraw Magazine (DMR): Increases magazine capacity and reload speed, allowing players to get into the action faster.

By using the Enhanced Polymer Receiver from the customization kit, players can improve horizontal recoil control, faster recoil recovery, and better recoil control.

It is important to spend time on the training grounds to master the use of these attachments, so players can optimize the Mini14 to suit their playing style.

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