Easy! This is the Latest Way to Change Your PUBG Name in 2024

As a beginner, you must know how to change your PUBG name. Because, a name is a very important identity to have.
PUBG: Battlegrounds - How to Change PUBG Name
PUBG: Battlegrounds. (Source: Steam)

Nicknames in the PUBG game are very important. Names are incorrect or in some cases, have to be changed. There are several ways you can change your PUBG name.

Names that have been changed according to our wishes will make it easier for teammates to find us when playing together. Or, indicate our location on the map.

Tencent and Krafton, major game developers Player Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG frees its players to create names according to their individual wishes.

There are many unique names that differentiate you from other players, and you can also change them, through the features provided by the PUBG game.

You can change your name or nickname after reading the article on this occasion.

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Can the PUBG Name Be Changed

As the author explained previously, you can access the "Change Name" feature in the PUBG game.

There is no special reason for changing the name, because this game allows you to change it an unlimited number of times.

How to Change PUBG Mobile Name

PUBG Mobile - How to Change PUBG Name
PUBG Mobile. (Source: PUBG Mobile)

First of all, you need an item called "Rename Card" as the main requirement for changing your name.

The next step that needs to be done is, access the game lobby until your main character appears. Select the menu in the top left corner with a picture of a shopping bag indicating "Shop".

After that, look for a menu called treasure and scroll your screen to see where the rename card is. If you have found it, click on the item in the Inventory menu and also select the "Use" menu.

Type the name of your choice. Make sure you have thought about it carefully. Because it cannot be canceled once you press the OK button in the column below the tab.

If you succeed in changing your name, it will say "Congratulations, your name has changed", but if it fails, you have to think of another name.

The reason is, the name has been used by someone else first.

How to Change PUBG PC Name

PUBG PC. (Source: Epic Games)

For PUBG PC, there is no special way to differentiate it from changing the name in PUBG Mobile.

You only need to access the "Customize" menu to see whether there is a Nickname Change Card or not. If not, buy it first in the store menu.

If you already have it, press the item and select the "Use" button. Later, you will be directed to the name change menu.

Still the same as PUBG Mobile, determine the name you will use first before accessing the item, so that the desired error does not occur.

If successful, you will be congratulated on the name change that has been carried out. However, if it fails, you will be asked to look for another name that is not already used by someone else.

How to Buy a PUBG Rename Card

Rename PUBG Card - How to Change PUBG Name
Rename PUBG Card. (Source: PUBG)

As explained, Rename Card is an important item that you must have. To get it, Vicigers only need to do this:

  1. Buy a rename card through the shop for 80 UC or the equivalent of 150 thousand rupiah.
  2. If you don't have enough UC, Vicigers can wait for events issued by PUBG with Rename Card prizes
  3. In each season, Vicigers will also get a free Rename Card after leveling up in the Royale Pass each season.
  4. Furthermore, you can also get a Rename Card from Create which can be obtained from winning a game at PUBG.

That's how to change the name of PUBG Mobile, PC and also how to get the Rename Card.

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