Recommendations for 6 PUBG Shotguns 2024

PUBG Shotguns

The players PUBG definitely understand that close combat requires the right weapons. That weapon is none other than a shotgun!

With the ability to paralyze enemies in an instant thanks to high damage and wide bullet distribution, the shotgun is a mainstay weapon in critical situations.

In 2024, PUBG will present an interesting update for players who like using shotguns. This update includes the addition of new weapons and performance improvements to old weapons.

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PUBG Shotgun List 2024

There are a number of shotguns that you can use in PUBG this year. This weapon is really suitable if you really like it. The following is a list of these weapons:


SPAS-12. Source: YouTube.

SPAS-12 is a shotgun that has become a favorite of many PUBG players. This weapon offers high damage, fast fire rate, and high reload speed, making it very deadly in close combat.

SPAS-12 has high damage per bullet, capable of paralyzing enemies in one or two shots at close range.

This weapon even has a magazine that can hold 8 bullets, giving players more opportunities to shoot before having to reload.

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S1897. Source: YouTube.

The S1897 is an ideal choice for close combat early in the game, especially indoors.

This weapon holds 5 cartridges and is easy to find. The S1897 is superior in terms of damage compared to the S12K, with a value of 216 points.

Although the S1897 excels in close combat, its accuracy decreases drastically when used at long range. This weapon also does not have a slot for an additional magazine.

To improve the performance of the S1897, you can add a shotgun choke to narrow the bullet spread and increase the focus of the shot. Another alternative is to install stock bullet loops to speed up reloading time.


S12K. Source: YouTube.

The S12K is the right choice for those of you who are looking for a deadly shotgun for close combat.

Just like the S1897, the S12K excels in close combat with high damage reaching 198 points.

The main advantage of the S12K lies in its magazine capacity which can hold 5 ammunition, similar to an assault rifle. At first glance, its shape resembles an assault rifle.

To maximize the performance of the S12K, you can equip it with various attachments such as scope, upper rail, extended mag, and AR muzzle.

In fact, you can install an AR magazine to increase the amount of ammunition and speed up reloading time.


DBS. Source: YouTube.

DBS is here as the newest shotgun with a unique bullpup design. Holding 14 bullets, DBS is ready to paralyze enemies with deadly damage.

Even though the reload time is relatively long (5.6 seconds), DBS is the main choice for close combat.

You can find DBS at airdrop supply and install a scope to increase the precision of your aim.

DBS is not ideal for long-range combat, but its capabilities in close combat are unmatched.

Get DBS from various locations on the map and equip a scope to increase accuracy when aiming at enemies.


Sawed-Off. Source: YouTube.

Sawed-Off, at first glance looks like a gun, but is actually a shotgun with a unique design. This weapon is the smallest shotgun in Indonesia PUBG Mobile, offering high mobility and deadly performance in close combat.

Similar to the S686, Sawed-Off fires two bullets at once with a wider spread. The magazine capacity is only two bullets and takes 3.9 seconds to reload.

Despite some shortcomings, Sawed-Off excels in close combat. With high damage and agile mobility, this weapon is able to paralyze enemies in an instant.

To maximize its potential, players can add a choke attachment to increase accuracy.

Keep in mind that the Sawed-Off is only available on the Miramar map, and is a weapon worth considering for close combat.

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S686. Source: YouTube.

The S686 is a shotgun that is worth considering in PUBG. This weapon is famous for its massive damage of up to 216 points, making it a popular choice after the S12K.

The S686 has 2 bullets in one shot and takes 2 seconds to reload. To improve performance, it is recommended to install a choke that can close the bullet distribution and bullet loops to speed up reloading.

Even though it has a longer range than other shotguns, the S686 is still the most effective at close range. Use the S686 for close combat and create tense clutch moments!

By choosing the right shotgun and using it correctly, you can dominate the battle in PUBG.

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