5 Most Sick PUBG Mobile Shotguns, Number One One Shot One Kill!

The Sickest Shotgun PUBG Mobile

Shotgun is a decent weapon at PUBG Mobile for close combat. Check out this article for more on the 5 sickest and best PUBG shotguns in 2021.

When it comes to close combat in PUBG, the shotgun is considered the best. Experienced shotgun users can finish off opponents in one or two shots with high damage. This weapon is a good backup option if you're using a mid-range weapon like the M416 or AWM.

Shotguns in Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile have a very good contribution when you do indoor shooting. Because, the damage given is very painful compared to AR and DMS weapons. Unfortunately, useless for long range combat.

So, in this article, we will find out which are the sickest and best PUBG shotguns in PUBG in 2021.

List of the Most Painful PUBG Shotguns 2021



The S12K is undoubtedly the easiest to use and one shot one kill in PUBG's most painful shotgun. Due to the fact that the S12K being a semi-automatic shotgun is easier to use than a pump shotgun.

This means you can shoot multiple times in a row without having to reload after each shot unlike the other weapons on this list. However, this advantage comes with a very large recoil, but has such painful damage.

However, the reason why the S12k gets such high ground is the fact that it is compatible with a wide range of Assault Rifle attachments, making it extremely versatile.


DBS PUBG Mobile Shotguns

Usually, an airdrop weapon like DBS would be at the top, but the fact that it's so rare drags it down to second.

The DBS is a PUBG shotgun with dual barrel pump action and super high burst damage in exchange for lower range. This makes the DBS shotgun very difficult to use, you have to be very close to the enemy for it to function properly.

DBS offers a two round burst of fire, which is plenty to kill most players when used properly.



The S1987 is PUBG Mobile's version of the classic pump-action shotgun. This PUBG shotgun only has one shot before reloading, but that shot does great damage. There is a slight delay with each shot, so it requires some finesse to use.

You have to ambush your target or try to close the distance as quickly as possible. The S1897 is the most difficult PUBG shotgun among all shotguns. Usually, you can take down an enemy with a single shot to the enemy's body, if all the bullets are hit.

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The S686 is the full size version of the PUBG shotgun that was sawed off. This weapon has a 2-round magazine that can be fired sequentially. This means you only have one chance to take down the enemy and there is no margin of error.

Overall, this PUBG shotgun requires almost constant reloading while dealing the same damage as the S1897 shotgun. The best thing about this shotgun is that you choose something more versatile.


Sawed Off

The Sawed-Off is the weakest shotgun in the PUBG MObile game. However, this shotgun has the ability to be carried in the handgun slot. You can carry sniper rifles, assault rifles and chainsaws, so you can have a gun for every range.

Combat-wise, the sawed-off shotgun has a two-round magazine with the option to quickly discharge both rounds. The damage is lower compared to other shotguns. This PUBG shotgun can be a last resort.

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So, that was the order of the 5 most painful PUBG Mobile shotguns so far. In close combat, of course the shotgun has a very big contribution. Where you can get kills in just one shot. Unfortunately, you have to have an accurate shot. If not, the enemy will knock you down first.

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