5 Weapons No Recoil PUBG Mobile, Aim Auto Awesome Bro!

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If Vicigers friends are new to the game PUBG Mobile or want to retrain your aim, this PUBG no recoil weapon should be your first choice. Check this post to find out.

Guns are the most important factor in shooting games, and PUBG Mobile is no exception. With PUBG being a mobile game, weapon control is perhaps the most difficult part, as the touchscreen controls are not as precise as a PC mouse and keyboard.

Guns with less recoil are easier to control and therefore more powerful. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 no recoil PUBG weapons that make aim auto bounce, bro. Curious? Listen to the end, bro.

List of PUBG Mobile No Recoil Weapons



The UMP45 is probably the best SMG in PUBG Mobile dealing the second highest damage out of all SMGs, right after the Tommy Gun, making it a low-recoil late-stage weapon that is very decent when equipped with attachments.

Meanwhile, the damage is not far from the AR level, the low recoil makes it very important to get perfect aim. Furthermore, that aspect can be improved even further with foregrips and compensators.

PUBG pro players usually also often replace compensators with suppressors. UMP45 deserves first place in the list of PUBG no recoil weapons.


vector ff weapons

The Vector works identically to the UMP45, but trades off high damage per shot for a higher rate of fire. In terms of damage, Vector is actually better.

Apart from a very high rate of fire and low recoil, this weapon also has the advantage of having the most attachment slots of all SMGs to further increase its performance.

The main drawback of this weapon is that its magazine capacity is only 19. Therefore, an extended magazine is a must if you want to continue using Vector in the late game.



The reason an Assault Rifle like the DP-28 has made it into the list of weapons with no recoil in PUBG is because of its bipod. By shooting prone, or crouched, you can greatly reduce its recoil, allowing for more precise shots against distant targets.

Being an ancient weapon, it has no attachments only being able to accept scopes up to 6x, allowing greatly increased range to support shots.



M416 has always been a fan favorite for PUBG players, both beginners and veterans. This weapon has very low recoil and is very effective in close and medium range combat.

The best part about the M416 is that it can accept the most modifications of any assault rifle, accepting muzzles, magazines, stocks, bottom and top rail attachments.

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In addition, it also has great stability, only being beaten by AUG. Therefore, the fully modified M416 is very powerful. Its low recoil allows you to go fully automatic and still hit the target. Not surprisingly, M416 is a PUBG no recoil weapon with very painful damage.



The AUG A3 is a weapon that can only be obtained through airdrops, and maybe that's why it's so powerful. This weapon has excellent handling and low recoil, in addition to a much higher muzzle velocity. This means that the bullets from the AUG A3 travel much faster than regular ARs and are therefore more accurate.

However, AUG is not without its drawbacks. This weapon has a fairly slow reload time, with tactical reloading being 3 seconds, so using a quickdraw magazine is very important.

Its rate of fire is also relatively slow, which allows for better control but somewhat reduces its power in close combat. This is what makes AUG A3 a no recoil weapon in PUBG Mobile.

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So, that's a list of 5 no recoil PUBG Mobile weapons that can provide bouncing aim. For those of you who don't like weapons with large recoil, you can try some of the recommended PUBG no recoil weapons above. Even more so for those of you who don't have good shooting accuracy.

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