How to Set PUBG Sensitivity for No Scope and Quick Scope

Improve your no scope and quick scope abilities in PUBG with the right sensitivity settings. Find settings for your playing style.
PUBG sensitivity
PUBG Sensitivity. Source: YouTube.

For players PUBG, mastering shooting techniques and sensitivity such as no scope and quick scope can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Both techniques require fast reflexes, high accuracy, and of course, the right sensitivity settings.

This article will be your guide to finding the ideal sensitivity setting that can lead you to Chicken Dinner.

PUBG sensitivity

PUBG sensitivity
PUBG Settings. Source: YouTube.

PUBG sensitivity is a setting that allows you to adjust camera speed and motion controls in the game.

This setting is very important for improving shooting accuracy, recoil control, and character movement. The following are several types that you need to know about;

  • Camera Sensitivity: Sets the camera movement speed when looking around.
  • Gyroscope: Sets the sensitivity of camera movement when using the gyroscope (motion sensor on the device).
  • ADS Sensitivity: Sets the camera movement speed when aiming with a weapon.
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Iron Sight: Set the camera sensitivity when using Red Dot, Holographic and Iron Sight sights.
  • 2x Scope, 3x Scope, Win94: Set camera sensitivity when using 2x, 3x and Win94 scopes.
  • 4x Scopes, VSS: Set the camera sensitivity when using a 4x scope and VSS.
  • 6x Scopes: Set the camera sensitivity when using a 6x scope.
  • 8x Scopes: Set the camera sensitivity when using an 8x scope.

PUBG sensitivity is an important factor to improve performance in the game. By understanding the types and tips above, you can find the ideal setting to maximize your abilities. Here are some examples of PUBG sensitivity settings:

Aggressive players:

  • Camera Sensitivity: High (60-80)
  • ADS Sensitivity: Medium (30-40)
  • Gyro: On

Passive players:

  • Camera Sensitivity: Medium (40-50)
  • ADS Sensitivity: High (50-60)
  • Gyro: Off

Gyro Users:

  • Camera Sensitivity: Low (20-30)
  • ADS Sensitivity: Medium (30-40)
  • Gyro: On
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No Scope

PUBG sensitivity
Illustration of playing PUBGM. Source: YouTube.

No scope is a shooting technique without using a scope. This technique requires fast reflexes and high accuracy. Setting the right sensitivity can help you improve your no scope capabilities.

The following is an explanation for PUBG No Scope Sensitivity:

  • Camera Sensitivity: Set the camera sensitivity high (around 60-80) so you can move and shoot quickly. This is important because you need to aim the shot quickly without a scope.
  • ADS Sensitivity: Set the ADS sensitivity lower than the camera sensitivity (around 30-40) for more stable control when shooting. When you shoot without a scope, the recoil will be more pronounced. Lowering ADS sensitivity will help you control recoil and keep your shots accurate.
  • Gyros: Use gyro to help aim with hand movements. Gyro allows you to aim more precisely by tilting the device.

Quick Scope

PUBG sensitivity
PUBG Sense. Source: YouTube.

Quick Scope Sensitivity in PUBG is a setting that determines how fast the camera moves when you open the scope.

This setting is very important for the quick scope technique, where you have to aim and shoot the enemy quickly and accurately.

Here are some examples of popular quick scope sensitivity settings:

  • Camera Sensitivity: 30-40
  • ADS sensitivity: 20-30
  • Quick Scope Switch: On

Ultimately, the best quick scope setting is the one that suits you best. Experiment with various settings and find the ones that best help you perform quick scopes accurately and efficiently.

With the right sensitivity settings and consistent practice, you can master the no scope and quick scope techniques in PUBG.

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