Baizhu's Best Comp Team Recommendations That You Must Try

Recommended Team Comp Baizhu

Baizhu is a character Genshin Impact who has the Dendro element, he has the ability to heal a party.

This character also has very good abilities as a Dendro applicator because he is also a Catalyst user. The advantage here is that it can be filed safely.

It's different if you use it on the Cyno hyperbloom team, or Alhaitam hyperbloom. Then the comp team can run safely.

Apart from Hyperbloom, there are many other comp teams that need Baizhu.

Below we will give you recommendations for several teams that you can use with this character. Listen to the explanation!

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Team Hyperbloom
Team Hyperbloom (Source: VCGamers)

This team consists of Raiden, Yelan, Baizhu, and Nahida. This is the best team in Hyperbloom because everything is very good and can run well.

This character's passive can increase damage of all types related to the dendro of his max HP.

Apart from that, the Hyperbloom reaction has damage of around 30 thousand and above, even up to 40 thousand and above if your Raiden has more than a thousand elemental mastery. Or for a more economical version, you can replace Raiden with Kuki Shinobu. In this team you can use Nahida as the On file.

If you don't want to rely too much on Hyperbloom's reaction, you can use two Hydros in your team so the team composition can be Raiden, Furina, Yelan, and Baizhu.

This team will have less damage from Hyperbloom but will have greater Hydro damage than before because there is a combination of Yelan and Furina where they give each other Buffs. And Baizhu is tasked with providing the dendro applicator as well as blocking the opponent's attacks.

This team is very suitable for fighting bosses with high HP because the damage produced from Hyperbloom is single target, not multi target.

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Bountiful Core Nilou

Team Bountiful Core Nilou With Baizhu (Source: VCGamers)
Team Bountiful Core Nilou (Source: VCGamers)

You can include this character in this team to withstand damage from Bontiful Core Nilou which is very sick. This team consists of Nilou, Yelan, Baizhu, and Nahida.

You can replace Yellan with Xinqiu for a more economical version. In this team, because of Baizhu, you have good shielders and healers. So you don't need to worry about the on-file dendro applicator.

What makes Baizhu suitable for this team is because of its passive which can increase damage from all types related to Dendro from its max HP plus because this team relies heavily on HP.

And if you look at the composition of the team, it also uses two Hydros which can add HP. So there is a lot of synergy with Nilou and Baizhu plus Yelan who has damage output based on his HP.

The key to this team is how much Nilou's HP is in the team because that will affect the damage from Nilou's Bountiful Core, so it would be a good idea to build Nilou with a Full HP artifact.

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Team Burgeon
Team Burgeon (Source: VCGamers)

This team consists of Dehya, Yelan, Baizhu, and Nahida. You can replace Dehya with Thuma as a Burgeon trigger.

In this team, you can build Dehya and Thoma with Flower of Paradise Lost and maximize the EM on these two characters. This aims to make your Burgeon damage worse.

Just like the Bountiful Core team, you really need Baizhu as the main key in preventing the explosion from the burgeon.

He is suitable for this team because of his passive which can increase damage of all kinds related to the dendro of his max HP.

This team is very suitable for fighting enemies in groups and has Cryo and Hydro shields. This team was very fast in defeating the enemy because of Burgeon's reaction from Thoma and Dehya.

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Team Agravete
Team Agravete (Source: VCGamers)

In this team you can use the Yae Agravete or Keqing Agravete team which consists of Yae, Kazuha, Baizhu, and Nahida.

This team can run well because there are Nahida and Baizhu as Shilder, and Kazuha who can gather enemies together in one place, as well as giving an Elemental buff to Yae or Keqing so that Keqing and Yae's damage increases.

Not only is the Bloom team able to take advantage of Baizhu's passive, the Spread and Agravete teams can also take advantage of its passive which can increase damage of all kinds related to the dendro of their max HP.

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Baizhu is very suitable for the Dendro team because its passive can increase damage from all reactions related to Dendro.

It's a good idea to use 4 sets of Deepwood Memories because it can reduce Dendro's resistance at Full HP.

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