Recommended 5 Jungler ML Heroes in Season 28

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Choosing an ML jungler hero can't be random. We will recommend the most suitable jungler in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for Season 28.

Discussing topics regarding MLBB is indeed endless.  MOBA This online for mobile platform is truly dynamic and constantly evolving so there is so much room to cover.

Of course all players ML already familiar with the term 'Jungle'. Yes, it comes from the root word 'Jungle' which means forest and then the 'r' suffix behind it describes the subject who carries out the activity.

So if interpreted contextually, Jungler means people who fill positions in the forest.

In MOBA games, the forest is an area filled with wild monsters. As in the real world, not everyone can survive in the forest. Need separate skills and equipment in order to survive there as well as in the game.

Junglers will focus on finding gold and buffs from scattered monsters.

The wider their home range, the more "gacor" they will get.

So don't be surprised, if those who are able to rule the forest will be the strongest.

Even though some hero roles can become Junglers, of course in every season there are only a few of them who are excellent for that position.

That's why we are interested in discussing this topic more deeply Vicigers so understand more.

The 5 best Jungler heroes that appear the most in Season 28 this time will be featured. So that you can really make recommendations for carrying matches.

So, keep watching and don't miss the developments!

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5 Jungler ML Season 28 Patch Note 1.7.82 heroes

Yes, now we will immediately enter the discussion regarding heroes-The jungler hero that is the most suitable for use in this meta.

As a disclaimer, that this is a really relative topic and the results are obtained from observations and playing experience alone. Here are some of them:


Martis. Source: Mobile Legends

Everyone will agree that Martis is one of the best Junglers this season.

His ability to deal great damage in the early game with the 'hit' fighter setup is truly terrifying.


Harleys. Source: Mobile Legends

The assassin hero that is suitable for meta pick-off is suitable for tearing apart the opposing team's setup.

Teams that carry Jungler Harley will usually avoid team fights or big wars and prefer to gank only. Very effective!


Freya. Source: Mobile Legends

Next comes another fighter lineup, Freya. That said, apart from Martis, Freya is very strong and able to sustain as the team's Jungler this season.

How could he not, his skills which got revamped and buffed by Moonton really made him so overpowered.


Alucard. Source: Mobile Legends

Yep, heard that right: Alucard! Another really friendly 'crash' fighter hero in meta patch 1.7.82. This hero who has been "living in a cave" for a long time is finally able to rise up and tear apart the Land of Dawn. Even according to the author Alucard is more terrible than Martis!


Akai. Source: Mobile Legends

The last representative of the 'sawi' meta tank is Akai. After his skill was revamped by Moonton, Akai Tank sawi is very effective to use to do "mega fauna" Land of Dawn (Turtle/Lord) setups or during team fights.

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Those are the 5 Jungler ML heroes that are the most suitable for use in the current meta. Maybe some Vicigers will ask why names like Lancelot, Aamon, Saber, and several other assassin heroes don't appear in this draft.

The answer is easy: in the current patch it is felt that it is less effective when using these cores. Not that these heroes are not good. But in "high octane" matches at high tiers, this hero is relatively easy to counter.

Star lords can easily read the movements of the assassin heroes and look for their weaknesses. As a result, the possibility of winning will be minimal and difficult to obtain.

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Please try these heroes yourself to dominate the Land of Dawn.

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