SEA Games 2023 Recap: Indonesia's Journey to Become Overall Champion

Sea Games Esport Recap

The 2023 SEA Games which will be held in Cambodia have started from Friday, May 5 to May 17, 2023. There are a number of branches that brought home medals for Indonesia and we will review the recap SEA Games 2023 for esports.

SEA Games sports esports We know that it was held from 6 to 15 May at Olympia Mall and Nagaworl 2, Cambodia.

The Indonesian National Team participates in 6 types of Esport namely CrossFire, Valorant, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) women's and men's MLBB, PUBG Mobile Solo and PUBG Mobile Team.

There are two esports numbers that Indonesia does not participate in, namely League of Legends Wild Rift and Attack Online.

At the 2023 SEA Games, as many as 40 athletes participating in the 6 Esport numbers have been sent by Indonesia to compete with other SEA countries.

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SEA Games Esports Results Recap 2023

In the 2023 SEA Games in this esports sport, Indonesia came out as the overall champion. This is certainly a proud achievement.

Here's a summary of what you need to know:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Women

SEA Games 2023 MLBB Women Recap Results
SEA Games 2023 MLBB Women Recap Results. Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang/Youtube

After being cornered by the Philippines in the Grand Final, the Indonesian Bang Bang Women's Mobile Legends National Team managed to make history by bringing home their first gold medal.

The final match which was held at 16.30 GMT+7 gave the Indonesian National Team a breath of fresh air, they succeeded comeback from the BO5 system. Successfully changing the score to 3-2, the Indonesian National Team was finally able to bring home the Gold Medal.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Men

MLBB Men's SEA Games Recap Results
MLBB Men's SEA Games Recap Results. Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang/Youtube

In contrast to the women's national team, the Indonesian men's national team had to swallow the bitter pill as a result of losing in a row in two matches against Myanmar and Cambodia.

The inaugural match between Indonesia and Cambodia ended with a score of 0-1. This was also repeated in the second match against Myanmar with the final result being 0-1.

PUBG Mobile Teams

PUBG Mobile Team SEA Games Recap Results. Source: PUBG MOBILE Indonesia/Youtube

In the PUBG Mobile Team E-Sport sport, the INA 2 national team succeeded in presenting a gold medal for Indonesia and occupying the top standings of the final round with a total of 157 points.

On the other hand, the INA 1 national team had to be content with being in fifth place with just 100 points.

PUBG Mobile Solo

PUBG Mobile Solo SEA Games Recap Results
PUBG Mobile Legends Solo Recap. Source: PUBG MOBILE Indonesia/Youtube

In the PUBG Mobile Solo match, Indonesia won a silver medal. The PUBG Mobile Solo match ended with the order of SkyNin (Cambodia), Satar (Indonesia), Parajin (Vietnam), and Barode (Philippines) in the top four.

Uniquely, this national team player whose real name is Alan Raynold Kumaseh has actually won the same medal at the 31st SEA Games competition in Vietnam in 2021.


SEA Games Valorant Recap Results
SEA Games Valorant Recap Results. Source: Valorant Esport Indonesia/Youtube

The Valorant match between Indonesia and Singapore experienced a complicated drama. Indonesian national team submitted technical pause on the grounds that Singapore was suspected of committing fraud by exploiting the Cyper bug.

This makes the match in the 2nd map must be temporarily suspended. After going through a long debate with the Singaporean team and the 2023 SEA Games committee, the Valorant Indonesia national team decided not to continue the match.

PBESI (Indonesian Esport Management) stated that they found the Singapore national team cheating on Agent Cypher's camera bug during the Map Split.

The Singapore national team allegedly took advantage of Agent Cypher's camera bug 3 times until round 8 where the Indonesian national team raised objections to this.

After a long process, the Singapore national team decided to share the gold medal for the Valorant e-sport competition with the Indonesian national team.


SEA Games CrossFire Recap Results. Source: CrossFire – Việt Nam/Youtube

For the CrossFire competition itself, the Indonesian national team had to be content with winning a silver medal after being defeated by Vietnam.

The final score of the match which was held for 3 rounds ended with a score of 3-0.

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That's a recap of the results of the Indonesian national team's struggle at the 2023 Cambodia SEA Games. Of the 6 E-Sport match numbers above, which one is your favourite?

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