How to Use Chamber Valorant 2023, Auto Pro!

Chamber Valorants

Chambers Valorant is the longest running Valorant agent, arrived in Patch 3.10 , having been assigned the role of Sentinel by developer Riot Games.

Chamber Valorant was released on 16 November 2021 in Episode 3 Act 3. You can open an agent and play in Valorant. However, playing the new Sentinel requires a lot of practice and skill. 

However, mastering the new Valorant agent, Chamber, will not be easy without knowing some tips and tricks like pro players.

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Tips for Using Chamber Valorant

Chamber is Agent in Valorant belonging to the Sentinel class. Since he is included in it, he is responsible for holding the site in defensive rounds and denying the enemy entry to the area. 

In offensive rounds, his job is to ensure the safety of his allies by preventing the opponent from flanking. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for playing Chamber in Valorant.

Practice Shooting Range

Chamber Valorants
Chamber agent. Source: Youtube.

The first thing one needs to master any agent is practice. You can practice using their abilities in the Range or queue up special matches with friends. 

This will help them form a brief idea of how to play Valorant agent chambers. Gradually they can move on to Unrated matches to gain more experience and innovate more ideas to play agents on different maps and in different situations.

Use Aims

Chamber Valorants
Chamber Valorants. Source: Youtube.

Chamber abilities such as Headhunter (Q) and ultimate Tour De Force (X) mostly rely on gunplay. Therefore, it is important to have good aim in Valorant to play as an agent. 

Besides that, it will be very difficult for you to make full use of his abilities in a match.

Players can practice aiming at the Range and improve their weapon game to master the new Valorant agent to perfection.

Defensive Play 

One time use Trademark Chamber Valorant skill.

Chambers given the Sentinel role and designed for defensive play. It can't rush to sites aggressively like other Duelist agents by using its abilities. Instead, he can knock down enemies from a distance and better defend the site.

Thus, while playing Chamber, you can gather information and keep enemies from entering the site, and at the same time get kills easily.

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Gather Information


The Chamber's Trademark (C) ability finds enemies under its radius and slows them down. 

This will provide intel on enemy positions like other Sentinel agents and help defend the site. You can also convey information to your teammates by communicating with them.

To access site A, there are two entry points for the attacker. One via A Main and the other via A Link. Chamber's utility device allows him to handle both routes simultaneously.

Place traps along the far wall in A Tree. This thing would detect enemies as soon as they tried to enter the Tree, and by being placed inside, they couldn't destroy it undetected.

Play Eco for Teams

Ultimate Sniper Skills
Chamber special Ultimate Sniper Skill.

Since two of the abilities Chamber Headhunter (Q) and Ultimate Tour De Force (X) are based on gunfights, players essentially don't need to buy weapons. This will make the eco-spin easier to do.

If necessary, you can do an eco round and save credits for the team. They can later buy weapons for their teammates in need.

When attacking in Valorant, you'll need to be vigilant to ensure your teammates don't get knocked out by flanking enemies. 

It's important to note that traps will break a lot, but at least it'll be cause for concern. The wide middle ground in Valorant Climbing gives Chamber plenty of chances to kill. 

Additionally, his Rendezvous ability allows him to turn around quickly and get to where enemies won't expect him to be. While players prefer Killjoy on Ascent, they can't go wrong with Chamber thanks to its diverse utility suite.

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