Zodiac Mobile Legends Skin Prices and How to Get It!

Zodiac Mobile Legends Skin Prices, free ml skins

Mobile Legends has a variety of skins available for each Hero. Not just skins, of course, loyal players Mobile Legends recognize the Zodiac Skin series. This time, VCGamers will discuss how much the Zodiac Skin costs!

For Vicigers who don't know what Zodiac Skin is, don't worry! VCGamers will discuss an explanation about the Zodiac Skin first so that Vicigers can find out the context why many Mobile Legends players want the Zodiac Skin.

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Zodiac Skin Series

Rows of Zodiac Skins
Zodiac Skins for Aurora, Martis, Zhask, and Badang. Source: VCGamers

The Zodiac Skin Series is a skin inspired by the 12 zodiacs or constellations. Of course the skins available in the series have unique characteristics.

Moonton released the Skin Zodiac series according to the date of each zodiac that inspired the skin.

The first Zodiac skin is named Aquarius for the hero aurora. This skin will be available on January 21, 2021.

Furthermore, Skin Zodiac releases every change of zodiac for each skin.

Currently, Moonton has released a total of 13 Zodiac Skins for 13 heroes according to the zodiac or constellation.

Here is a complete list of heroes with the Zodiac Skin:

  1. Aurora – Aquarius
  2. Lancelot – Pisces
  3. Hilda – Aries
  4. Minotaur – Taurus
  5. Selena – Gemini
  6. Karina – Gemini
  7. Zhask – Cancer
  8. Badang – Leo
  9. Odette – Virgo
  10. Lunox – Libra
  11. Helcurt – Scorpia
  12. Irithel – Sagittarius
  13. Martis – Capricorn

For Vicigers who want to get the Zodiac Skin, here is a discussion on how to get and the price of the Zodiac Skin.

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How to Get Zodiac Skins

Price of Odette Virgo Zodiac Skin
How to Get Zodiac Skin Through the Shop Menu. Source: VCGamers

Vicigers can get Zodiac Skin with a gacha system. By purchasing Summons in the Draw menu at the Mobile Legends Shop, Vicigers must spend diamonds to summon or gacha.

After summoning, Vicigers will get a Power Star of 1 to 5. To get a Zodiac Skin, Vicigers must get 100 Power Stars.

Via Draw in the Shop menu in Mobile Legends is the only way to get the Zodiac Skin legally.

Vicigers need to remember that the available Zodiac Skins will change every time the constellation changes. Currently, the available Zodiac Skin is Virgo for Odette.

If Vicigers want to Summon to get a Zodiac Skin, you may have wondered how many Diamonds you have to use to get 100 Power Stars.

The following is a discussion regarding Diamonds and the price that Vicigers need to spend to get the Zodiac Skin.

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Prices for Zodiac Mobile Legends Skins

Odette Virgo Zodiac Skin
Odette Virgo Zodiac Skin. Source: MLBB Designs

To get the Zodiac Skin, Vicigers need to collect 100 Star Points from doing Summons.

Every time you summon, Vicigers will get around 1-5 Star Points. If you count the total Summons and Diamonds that Vicigers need to spend, then the price for the Zodiac Skin is around Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 450,000.

With that amount of money, if Vicigers can get around 1200 to 1500 Diamonds.

Summoning with that amount of Diamonds will give you 100 Star Points. So, Vicigers can exchange 100 Star Points to get one Zodiac Skin.

Thus the discussion regarding the price of the Zodiac Skin and how to get it. If Vicigers are interested, top up Diamond at VC Market by VCGamers and do Summon Skin Zodiac! Enjoy the available promos and cash back.

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