5 Painful Carmilla Build Items in Season 25 Mobile Legends

Carmilla MLBB

Carmilla is one of the sickest support tank heroes in 2022. He can fill 3 roles or lanes at once, namely lane Roman, Helper and Experience. Because of that, you have to understand that Carmilla's build item hurts in season 25 Mobile Legends.

As a rover hero, he has high HP but low damage at the start of the game. Roaming characters seem like they can easily be hijacked and blown up by opposing mages or opposing warriors.

The cooldown of each ability is also fast enough to use to kill opponents repeatedly. Apart from acting as a marksman, he is often used to kill opposing characters who have low defense such as mages, tanks, and other assassins. 

Not only that, in the late game, he can easily kill chunky characters like fighters or tanks.

List of Carmilla Season 25 MLBB Build Items

When designing this hero item, you should pay attention to some of the items that we provide below as a guide.

Tough Boots

Tough Boots okay
Tough Boots as the best item for Carmilla

This item is a must have if your opponent has many characters with magic damage. These shoes reduce the basic magic damage of the character. This ability also reduces the duration of the enemy's crowd control effect. Not half the same and retains up to 30 percent of the total. 

Antique Cuirass

The Painful Fanny Build
Antique Curiass as the best item for Carmilla

Using skills or basic attacks increases movement speed by 2 percent and increases physical and magical defense by 4, stacking up to 5 times. The use of this ability is only activated once every 4 seconds. 

Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny
clock of destiny as the best item for Carmilla

The next version of Carmilla Lemon is Clock of Destiny. This item is perfect if you play Carmilla Sidelaner. Especially when combined with Thunder Jeet, this combination will be a deadly combination.

This item gives 60 mana, 615 life, and 600 mana. This item's passive gives health and 4 magic attacks every 20 seconds up to 12 times. 

Lightning Truncheon

Painful Xavier Build - Painful Kagura Build
Lightning Truncheon as the best item for Carmilla

If you have purchased Clock of destiny, Lightning Truncheon is a must-have companion. Because Call of Destiny pairs perfectly with the passive Lightning Baton. 

This item will increase mana by 75, mana by 300 and cooldown by 10 percent. So it's only natural that the combination of these two projects suits this hero: Every 6 seconds, the next skill jumps and deals 20-1000 magic damage to 3 enemies (based on the character's maximum mana).

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Holy Crystals

true damage mobile legends calamity reaper
holy crystal as the best item for Carmilla

The next build for Carmilla is the holy crystal. This item significantly increases the character's mana. So it's very useful in the mid to late game.

The holy crystal item increases magic power by 100. Its passive increases Magic Attack by 21-35 percent (increases with level).

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So, that's all the Carmilla build recommendations that you can use in season 25 of Mobile Legends. Make sure you only top up ML diamonds VCGamers!

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