This is the Lightning Truncheon, the Electric Wand that Increases Magic Damage Hero ML!

Lightning Truncheon Cover

Lightning Truncheon is one of items to increase crushing power magic damage owned by heroes in games Mobile Legends.

In seasons former Mobile Legends, items it is often associated with hero support and mage which incidentally has beensettings have magic power and magic damage. However, in its development, Moonton also released heroes non-mages which can also do magic damage.

Due to these changes, player also started to mix items this electric wand with heroes so that its use is widespread and more dynamic.

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In this article, the author will take you to explore Lightning Truncheon, a magic electric wand that can multiply magic damage para heroes in matches in Mobile Legends.

Lightning Truncheon, Magic Stick For Magic Damage GG

Item Default Status

Status default This magic electric baton is quite okay, because there are three bonus parameters that can increase status heroes the user.

Lightning Truncheon 1

With Lightning Truncheon, heroes users will get extra magic power of 75 points. next Effect, heroes the user will receive a reduction cooldown as many as 10%.

The next addition is also a bonus where of 300 points. With these three effects, heroes with magic damage will be quite qualified when used ahead midgame.

Items this is quite expensive, which costs 2250 gold. You have to really rely on gold lane as much as possible so items these can be purchased sooner.

Not to mention, you also need build items this is from book of sages, power crystals and magic wands plus 760 gold. So, optimize gold lane best possible so that it can be as fast as possible build items this.

Bonus Item Parameters

The tantalizing of items this is his passive ability. The passive ability of this magic electric wand will get bigger along with the number where owned by heroes the user.

Lightning Truncheon 2

There will be a bonus of 20 to 1000 points magic damage against three targets heroes the user. This effect will also increase over time heroes it levels up.

For example, if Cecilion with stackit has about 10,000 where, then he will get an additional bonus magic damage of 1000 points. This will get worse if Cecilion is at maximum level and using items adder magic damage others like Holy Crystals.

When calculated, Cecilion's maximum level and stackhis, as well items adder magic damage others will make up to over 3000 magic damage. However, player usually quite difficult to collect stack for Cecilion because of the groove matches which is uncertain.

At least, the illustration above illustrates how scary this magic stick is when used with heroes the right time and the right situation.

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Lightning Truncheon Combo With Other Items

Combo With Holy Crystals

Lightning Truncheon and Holy Crystal

The combination of magic electric baton with Holy Crystals will be the combination that doubles magic damage heroes users to multiply.

the reason, Holy Crystals also affected by level heroes users, so you need to farming gold and EXP so that the passive effect is more pronounced.

Built-in effect Holy Crystals will also add a little magic power only 100 points per user. When combined with items this electric baton, the user will get a bonus of 175 points magic power, plus a reduction CD 10% and where 300 points.

What you need to do besides farming EXP and gold also is cover heroes with magic damage it's in early game. The goal is so they can quickly rotate to beat heroes opponent of mid until late games.

Combo With Thunder Belt

lightning truncheon thunder belt

Lightning Truncheon you can also use with items defense like Thunder Belt this. Though Thunder Belt categorized as defense items, the additional effect will increase the attack power heroes with magic damage.

For starters, a combination items magic electric baton and Thunder Belt will add its user parameters especially in the section cooldown reduction, which is equal to 20%.

Thunder Belt also gives a bonus of 40 points physical defense, bonuses 800 MOBILE PHONE and where's regene. However, it is the passive effect that will be very useful when combined with this magic electric wand.

Thunder Belt will give ability truedamage depend on MOBILE PHONE maximum user. While this magic electric wand will give magic damage according to level heroes.

If the two are combined, then damage generated will not experience a reduction of shield items or defense used by heroes opponent.

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Combo With Clock Of Destiny

lightning truncheon clock of destiny

Furthermore, Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon will be more GG when both additional effects are active.

Because, Clock of Destiny apart from giving bonuses where of 600 points, the additional effect will also give a bonus where up to 300 points. It means, heroes users will get extra where up to 900 points.

Meanwhile, this magic electric wand will deliver magic damage according to quantity where and user level. When combined with effects Clock of Destiny, definitely damage The resulting pain is also getting worse.

However, you need to wait for 20 seconds once to get full stack additional effect Clock of Destiny this. Fill in the time with farming gold and buff.

Combo With Calamity Reaper

Lightning Truncheon and Calamity Reaper

The magic electric wand effect and Calamity Reapers also can be an option to earn magic damage without having to be distracted by buff heroes opponent.

Calamity Reapers alone will give a bonus of 70 magic power, additional 100 points where, as well as reduction cooldown as many as 10%. That is, when combined with this magic electric baton, heroes the user will get 400 where and 20% cooldown reduction.

Symbiosis between the additional effects of the electric wand and Calamity Reapers there in quantity damage which are given. For example, heroes Nana has where by 2000 and use the second items this.

When Nana wears skills with magic damage, then it will generate 1000 damage without being disturbed by shields or defense items others used by the opponent.

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4 ML Heroes That Fit With Lightning Truncheon


lightning truncheon cecilion

Lightning Truncheon and Cecilion will be very "tune" because Cecilion can double whereits up to 99,999 if successful.

A number of player will try build Cecilion with items which adds magic damage in accordance with the stack where-his. With stack this mana too, Cecilion could spam skills and dominate midlane.

With the added effect of this magic electric baton, Cecilion could become a murder weapon heroes especially effective opponent with skills its 1 and 2.

If you also equip Cecilion with Calamity Reapers or Clock of Destiny, guaranteed heroes the opponent will stop in front of him and return to base they got hit kill.


Lightning Truncheon and Alice

You can improve Alice's ability by Lightning Truncheon as Cecilion could stack where. The difference, Alice has a lot skillset specifically for lifesteal.

If you use this electric wand for Alice, then she can rotate quickly core heroes to fight heroes cores opponents that usually produce damage which is not bad.

skills 1 Alice can also be used to target opponents from afar, so you can poke opponent without having to face one on one. The combination of magic electric wand and Calamity Reapers is the recommended combination for heroes this.

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Lightning Truncheon and Selena

You can use a combination of electric batons and Calamity Reapers or Clock of Destiny so Selena could spam skills ultimateto switch mode from elves Becomes abyss.

When fashion elves, Selena can earn damage addition of skills 1 and 2 for stack abyss mark. Later, you immediately proceed with skill combos Selena who immediately changed to abyss mode and use skills 1 and 2 mode the.

Also make sure you direct Selena's "catfish" to damage stack, so you need to be observant enough to aim the target skills 2 so that it is not wasteful where.


Karina and Lightning Truncheon

Heroes You can also strengthen this agile one with Lightning Truncheon items. With items this, Karina can produce a lot magic damage at least in multiples of 300 per attack.

If you also add with items Clock of Destiny, supply where Karina will be even taller and the additional effect of the magic electric baton can be even stronger.

With combos skills 1, 2 and ultimate Karina, she could be core heroes tough on mid until late game. So, make sure you pair this electric wand with Calamity Reapers for truedamage or Clock of Destiny for Karina version spam skills.

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It cannot be denied that Lightning Truncheon is one of magic items that could improve magic damage double. However, you need a lot farming first so you can get the benefits, Vicigers!

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