PES 2012, Continuation of Winning Eleven!

PES 2012

If previously we had discussed a lot about the nostalgic title of old games on PlayStation (PS) One and 2, this time the discussion will move on to a more specific title, namely PES 2012, Vicigers!

When I hear the title games Of course, retro gamers from the 90s will immediately throw back their past which is full of good memories.

Yes, at that time the PS rental fever was high and it became a mode of entertainment that was in great demand by various groups.

And one of the most played games is Pro Evolution Soccer, or what is also often abbreviated as PES.

This title is often the prima donna and is closely identified by many Indonesian gamers as the 'template' game from the PS console.

All of this is inseparable from the many football fans who often quench their "thirst" by playing this game.

The desire to feel the sensation of controlling your favorite team directly becomes a motivation in itself. Then the presence of PES can be the best solution to complete this desire.

Even now, the popularity of this game seems reluctant to fade. There are many round skin lovers out there who still play PES until now.

To maintain the renewal aspect, most of what is still circulating is in MOD (modification) form.

So, for Vicigers who may have experienced it or are even loyal PES fans, let's take a look at the following nostalgic article!

Here, we will try to discuss the intricacies and historical points related to this legendary franchise. Please listen to it!

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History of Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2012 Legacy Graphics
PES 2012 Legacy Graphics. Source: YouTube/PlayStation España

Many gamers must have understood PES as one of the most popular soccer games in the world. This game was developed and produced by Konami and was first released in 2001.

But certainly not many know that the history of PES itself has started much later than that, which was in 1995 to be precise.

in that year Konami released its first soccer game with the title 'International Superstar Soccer' or abbreviated as ISS.

This game became very popular and managed to become one of the best soccer games of its time. Seeing this success, Konami then launches a new ISS edition every year, following the dynamics of the sport itself.

However, given the fluctuating market developments, Konami has finally released a new soccer game developed from the existing ISS installations. This time their product was finally named Pro Evolution Soccer or PES for short.

With various updates, this game quickly became popular due to its realistic gameplay and easy-to-use controls.

As a game with the sports simulation genre, players can experience how to be the manager of their favorite soccer team.

Although at first PES was only available for the PS 2 and Xbox consoles, the high demand prompted the developer to release this game adaptation for other consoles.

Some of them are like PS 3, Xbox 360, PC to mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

But only in 2011, Konami changed the name of this game to "Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer" or "WE/PES" to show that this game is still part of the "Winning Eleven" franchise that was known before.

And until finally in 2014, Konami decided to remove the name "Winning Eleven" and just call it 'PES'.

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PES 2012 As Konami's Masterpiece

PES 2012 Developer Konami
Konami Developer PES 2012. Source: YouTube/PlayStation España

Equally important is the existence of competition that occurs between PES and the soccer game made by EA with the FIFA title.

The pros and cons to choose the best are often seen. FIFA's strengths often derive from its more complete features, such as the existence of a career mode and Ultimate Team. This is what finally required PES to change many of its parts on the installation in 2012.

PES 2012 offers better and more responsive controls than the previous series. These controls allow players to have more options in controlling the game, such as defending the ball, running with the ball, and passing with high accuracy.

PES 2012 Gameplay
PES 2012 Gameplay. Source: YouTube/PlayStation España

In addition, PES 2012 graphics have also experienced a significant increase. Konami added a lot of display details to the character units and stadiums so that this game looks more realistic and alive. Players can feel a more authentic “green grass” atmosphere.

Not only that, the use of new technology makes player movements smoother and more natural.

As a result, players can enjoy the game more and develop complex strategies in dealing with opponents.

This is what makes PES 2012 one of the most memorable PES installations in the hearts of its fans.

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