PC Specifications for Playing CS2


Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) was finally officially released to replace the previous version of the game, namely Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This game has been eagerly awaited by fans because of the reported updates.

There are many new things offered in CS2 compared to CS:GO. The new features certainly make it even more attractive for fans to play this game.

So, let's look at the following review regarding Counter Strike 2! Just go ahead, check it out!

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Release of Counter Strike 2

New Map in CS2. Source: Official Site

The developer of this game, Valve, finally kept their promise by releasing Counter Strike 2 on Thursday, September 28.

Of course, this received a lot of positive responses from fans of the previous version of the game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

After initially being pushed back from the promised schedule of early summer 2023, the game has finally been released with many new things.

One of them is Counter Strike 2 f2p games or free to play which means it can be accessed for free on PC via Steam.

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Updates to the Game

Bomb Effects on Games, Source: Official Site

Something new in this game is the smoke reaction from bombs which can interact with the surrounding environment.

This smoke will have a reduced light effect on the surroundings, reduce visibility, and can also react to gunshots and explosions around it.

With this update to smoke, it provides a new experience in gameplay.

In the next update, player movements such as walking, shooting, and throwing bombs are no longer counted in the tick rate.

In CS:GO, all the things mentioned are still calculated at the tick rate which makes the response to this movement slower. But this has been overcome by the developers of this game.

In Counter Strike 2, the developer also provides a rating or ranking order for players. This order can be accessed globally, so that all players of this game can know the player with the highest points.

Players can also still use items they have collected in previous games CS:GO by accessing the Prime Status Upgrade version of Counter Strike 2 on Steam, so there is no need to collect items from the start.

The incorporation of advanced tactical features not only enhances gameplay but also suggests a potential evolution in CS2 boosting strategies.

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Smoother graphics

Differences between CS2 and CS:GO graphics. Source: Official Site

Apart from that, updates to the graphics have also been made. Counter Strike 2 offers a brighter and better appearance when playing.

This game developer recreated the map with more realistic images so that players get a better playing experience.

The UI (User Interface) and animations in gameplay are also better in Counter Strike 2 compared to CS:GO.

Several details such as gunshots, explosions and blood effects in the game have also been updated so that players can feel the difference while playing.

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PC specifications

To be able to play this game, Vicigers definitely need adequate specifications on a PC.

The specifications required by Counter Strike 2 are not much like the specifications required when playing CS:GO.

For Windows users, the device required is a minimum of Windows 10 with a processor of at least 4 CPU hardware threads – Intel® Core™ i5 750.

To get the best experience, this game requires 8 GB of RAM with the required storage being 85 GB with the DirectX-11 version.

For SteamOS + Linux users, the minimum specifications are the Ubuntu 20.04 OS version with the same minimum processor, RAM and storage as Windows users.

For this device, the minimum graphics required are AMD GCN+ or NVIDIA Kepler+ with the latest Vulkan drivers. An additional sound card is also highly recommended on this device.

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So, that's the review of Counter Strike 2 (CS2). Stay tuned for more reviews, only at VCGamers News, yes!

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