10 Types of Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West weapons

In this article we will discuss each type of weapon in Horizon Forbidden West

There are 10 types of weapons in the Horizon Forbidden West game. Each of these weapons has its own uniqueness.

For those of you who are curious about the types of weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, let's look at the following explanation!

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Horizon Forbidden West weapons
Spears. Source: IGN

Spear is the only melee weapon in Horizon Forbidden West. You can use it in close combat. 

Apart from fighting, spears are also valuable for helping you carry out various tasks, from opening chests, overturning machines, and much more.

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Hunter Bows

Horizon Forbidden West weapons
Hunter Bows. Source: IGN

Hunter Bows will be the weapon you use most often. Because this weapon is versatile, it will provide added value at whatever distance you use it.

Apart from that, Hunter Bows also have quite fast speed and will not hinder movement.

Warrior Bows

Horizon Forbidden West weapons
Warrior Bows. Source: IGN

The Warrior Bow is a weapon that you can fire quickly and is the best weapon for you to use in close to medium range combat. 

Apart from that, to cover its shortcomings in terms of strength, you can overcome this by pairing it with a spear when fighting at close range.

Warrior Bows with elemental ammunition can also trigger elemental effects on lower ranked enemies at high speed.

Sharpshot Bows

Horizon Forbidden West weapons
Sharpshot Bows. Source: IGN

Sharpshot Bows are the most accurate bows for hitting targets in the Forbidden West game. 

Operating like a sniper rifle, Sharpshot Bows deal high levels of damage from long distances.

However, its accuracy will decrease when you use it when jumping or sliding.


Blastslings. Source: IGN

Blastsling is a catapult that can launch elemental bombs that will explode on impact. 

Blastsling is very good for you to use to trigger elemental effects in machines.

But Blastsling has a curved track that requires you to use it strategically and carefully.

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Shredder Gauntlets

Shredder Gauntlets
Shredder Gauntlets. Source: IGN

Shredder Gauntlets can launch discs that will return after making contact with an enemy. 

You can catch these discs and throw them back to deal a higher level of damage to the enemy.

You can do this three times in a row before the disc breaks.

However, when you throw it you miss the target or fail to catch the disc, then you have to throw the next disc from your inventory.

Spike Throwers

Spike Throwers
Spike Throwers. Source: IGN

The Spike Thrower is a weapon similar to a javelin that you can throw at enemies. 

Just like the Blastsling, the Spike Thrower is thrown in a curved trajectory that requires you to keep up when throwing it at medium distances. 

This weapon is very effective to use when close to the enemy, making it easier to aim and allowing you to deliver a big Critical Strike.


Tripcasters. Source: IGN

Tripcaster uses tripwires that explode when stepped on. All Tripcasters are capable of dealing one type of elemental damage.

Some Tripcasters are even equipped with Shieldwires that can protect you in battle. 

If possible, don't forget to use focus to highlight the Machine's path so you can place tripwires in strategic locations.


Ropecasters. Source: IGN

Some Ropecasters can shoot ropes at enemies which then latch onto the ground to pin the enemy in place. 

While others fire elemental tube spears that stick to enemies and can be detonated with the appropriate elemental ammunition. 

Both types of Ropecaster require a bit of processing to achieve maximum effectiveness, but they are the most powerful tools against large Machines.


Boltblasters. Source: IGN

The Boltblaster is a large weapon capable of dealing large amounts of damage. 

The Boltblaster fires various bolts at high speed.

While it doesn't have the best accuracy in the game, the accuracy of the Boltblaster can be increased by charging the weapon and releasing the trigger.

The Boltblaster is effective at most distances and causes frequent knockdowns, but takes a long time to refill its ammo.

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So, those are the 10 types of weapons in the game Horizon Forbidden West. Don't forget to keep updated with the latest information about games, tech and gadgets only in VCGamers News!

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