Padisarah Genshin Impact Farming Location and Route

padisarah genshin impact flower location

Padisarah is a beautiful purplish blue flower that you can only find in several locations in the region Sumeru.

One of the game materials Genshin Impact It is widely used as a material for cooking and character ascension.

Do you need Padisarah? The author will share the location of Padisarah in this article to make it easier for you to farm this flower.

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Crafts and Characters that Require Padisarah

nilou material genshin impact farming padisarah location
Nilou (source: Genshin Impact)

Padisarah is needed for crafting, cooking food, and raising the character's ascension level.

When this article was written, Padisarah was required by the characters Nilou to increase the character's ascension level to the maximum level (level 90).

Padisarah is also needed to cook several foods which are usually used to restore HP, provide buffs, or other things.

Recipes from the Sumeru region that will require Padisarah as an ingredient are:

  • Tandoori Roast Chicken
  • Tahchin
  • Duel Souls
  • Gilded Tajine
  • Goldflame Tajine
  • Padisarah Pudding
  • Duel Souls
  • Biryani
  • Swirling Steps

Apart from cooking, Padisarah is also needed for Forging Dendro Treasure Compas. This tool is used to find chests in Sumeru and you can only make them if you get a recipe from Sumeru's Reputation Level 9.

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Padisarah Farming Preparation

toughnari genshin impact charged attack
Passive Tighnari can Find Padisarah Location (source: VCGamers)

Fortunately, the Padisarah farming location is not difficult. Most of the Padisarah are in "safe" locations, meaning they are not near enemy or boss locations.

Most Padisarah locations are in large areas NPCs such as the Palace of Alzarzaray, Sumeru city, and others.

To make farming easier, you can use the Tighnari character in the party you use for exploration.

Tighnari has a passive talent for detecting local materials specializing in the Sumeru region. When the Tighnari skill is active, a hand-shaped icon will appear on the mini map showing the location of the material.

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Padisarah Farming Location and Route

Padisarah is spread across four locations, namely Sumeru, Pardis Dhyai, Palace of Alazarzaray, and Vanarana,

In each player's world there are a total of 68 Padisarah that you can take in one farming time.

You have to wait 2-3 days of server time to start farming again because Padisarah will only respawn after that time.

Apart from farming, you can get additional Padisarah from NPCs named Dana in Pardis Dhyai and Jut in Grand Bazaar (Sumeru city) who will give each 4 Padisarah once.

Sumeru City

sumeru city padisarah location genshin impact
Sumeru City (source: VCGamers)

In the main city of the Sumeru region, you can take a total of 11 Padisarah which you can farm every time you farm.

Padisarah's position in Sumeru city is mostly in the lower part of town, to be precise near the Adventure Guild or the entrance and not near Sumeru Akademiya.

You can go around to get all the Padisarah in the city with the help of Tighnari or Teyvat Interactive Map.

Pardis Dhyai

pardis dhyai genshin impact
Pardis Dhyai (source: VCGamers)

This location, which is home to researchers from Sumeru Academy with Darshan Amurta, has a total of 12 Padisarah that you can farm.

Most of the Padisarah are located outside the area and are on the edge of the location. You can find 4 other Padisarah in the greenhouse.

Palace of Alzarzaray

palace of alzarzaray genshin impact
Palace of Alzarzaray (source: VCGamers)

You can find a total of 11 Padisarah in the Palace of Alzarzaray. The location of this palace is located in the northeast of the city of Sumeru.

You can find 3 flowers near the entrance and the Teleport Waypoint closest to the palace designed by the character Kaveh.

You can find Sis 8 Padisarah around the palace, usually at each location there are 1 to 2 Padisarah flowers.


vanarana dream realm genshin impact
Vanarana Dream Realm (source: VCGamers)

There are a total of 34 Padisarah that you can farm at the Vanarana location. However, for those of you who have played World Quest Aranyaka, you have to change the location to a real place or not a dream realm.

The dream realm is characterized by abundance Aranara and the environment is purple instead of green like normal Sumeru.

If you enter the dream realm where Aranara is, you will not find Padisarah but another flower called Virparyas.

You can start farming in this location from the Teleport Waypoint Ashavan Realm to find 3 Padisarah under the trees and bushes near the Fungi and Eremite enemies.

You can find the rest of Padisarah in almost all corners of Vanarana, such as near the Teleport Waypoint, central pond, and others.

That's the farming route and location of Padisarah. Top up your Genesis Crystal at VCGamers Marketplace and get various dream characters easily!

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