Getting Bigger by Presenting The Chasm Region, How to Explore the Genshin Impact Map?

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Folder Genshin Impact or region map games made by HoYoVerse (formerly miHoYo) is widely known.

Genshin Impact is open world game Very popular RPG. You who like to travel and adventure will definitely like it very much games it's because of the territory folder which is very broad and you can explore to the ins and outs.

The total area in Genshin Impact is planned to have 7 regional countries. From its release in 2020, games it has released 3 regional countries namely: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. These 3 regions are also included with updates country expansions such as Dragonspine in Mondstadt and the most recent Enkanomiya updated on updates 2.4 ago.

Genshin Impact on live stream updates 2.5 has announced it will updates The next 2.6 will open a new region called The Chasm which is still part of the country of Liyue.

The wider the Genshin Impact map, of course for you players, especially new players will find it difficult to explore folder This Genshin Impact.

Apart from going through the Archon Quest and other tasks, you definitely want to go around all the areas folder Genshin Impact to look for valuable materials or chests. You can use the following method to facilitate exploration folder Genshin Impact!

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Exploration Using Interactive Map Genshin Impact

Interactive Map Genshin Impact or Teyvat Interactive Map is a virtual map provided by Genshin Impact to make it easier for you to search for various things related to the area that is the background games which was released globally in 2020.

Map Genshin Impact Teyvat Interactive Map
Display Interactive Map Genshin Impact

This Genshin Impact map, I really help you in everything related to exploration.

There are various things that you can find a location for on this Genshin Impact Map. For example, you need Sea Ganoderma to upgrade (ascension) new character Genshin Impact in updates The new 2.5 Yae Miko, you can go directly to website from Teyvat Interactive Map, click the menu on the left of the screen, and type 'Sea Ganoderma'.

You will immediately find the position of the Sea Ganoderma material and can enter it immediately games to start collecting material or also known as farming.

This Genshin Impact Interactive Map also includes everything you need, starting from boss, enemies like Hilicurl or Rifthound, ingredients for cooking, to the position of the fishing spots and the fish you can get there.

Map Genshin Impact Teyvat Interactive Map material that you can search for
All the Things You Can Find on the Genshin Impact Map

This map will also help you to collect all types of culus from anemoculus to electroculus, World Quest locations, and where various chests are also given their complete positions in folder this.

The latest event that is being held on updates 2.5, the Three Realms Gateway Offering, will invite you more to explore the new Enkanomiya area.

You have to find a location gateway and energy points while going around opening teleport waypoints in Enkanomiya.

Fortunately, this Teyvat Interactive Map also informs all related positions events This Three Realms Gateway Offering means you don't have to spend too much time if you've explored Enkanomiya before events this.

Map Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering
Map for the Three Realms Gateway Offering

You will also be facilitated if sign in to your Genshin Impact account because all travelers can save bookmarks or exploration progress on folder This is so you can save everything you've done in folder This Genshin Impact.

The Chasm's Latest Leaks

Various sources leaker Genshin Impact provides the latest related leaks map updates Genshin Impact for a new region that will open The Chasm. leakers divulge various areas in The Chasm by exploring various corners of the region.

The Genshin Impact map leaked by The Chasm
The Chasm leak

The Chasm should be released in the upcoming 2.6 update. Allegedly leaks this is the result beta testing ongoing.

Leaks from various leakers and beta testers when beta testing ongoing also displays the presence domain what artifacts are not yet known.

Various geographic pictures from The Chasm were also leaked. You will definitely need this Genshin Impact Interactive Map when exploring The Chasm.

Genshin Impact always offers new things in every game updates games the. More and more open areas in folder means the more things you will reveal related secrets games this.

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