Overview of Detective Panda FF and how to get it for free!

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Pet Detective Panda FF is one of the most coveted in Free Fire. In this post we will share how to get it for free, scroll down for the answer!

The main function of a pet in FF is to accompany the player to play. With a variety of cute choices, this mascot is unique and has skills to help you play.

Pets have become an integral part of Free Fire. All pets, except Kitty and Mechanical Pup, have special skills that give advantages and help to get Booyah! This game currently offers multiple pets.

In this article, we will discuss Detective Panda FF, its skills, and how we can get them for free.

Pets in Free Fire are one of the most unique features in the game which not only accompany the player while playing the game, but also have special skills and give them an advantage in battle.

Among the pets available in Free Fire, Detective Panda FF is one of the most coveted that steals the spotlight for its stellar kung fu skills. Today, let's take a look at all the skills and how to get them for free!

Panda FF Detective Skills

Detective Panda FF

Being one of the top pets in Free Fire, Detective Panda FF is famous not only for its cute appearance but also for its super Panda's Blessing which can recover at least 4HP after every kill. Apart from that, the skill also increases at a higher level, for example Panda can help its owner get 7 HP for every enemy kill.

If you want to gain HP quickly and last longer for more battles, Detective Panda FF will be the best pet you should get in every battle.

This year is everyone's favourite. He's cute and adorable! With similar skills to Jota, Panda's Blessing restores up to 10 HP after each kill.

This master pet easily complements aggressive players who love close combat and rushing to kill. With his HP granting skills, Alok is the perfect tandem for him.

This means that, using pandas for those who like to play barbarians or those who play like rushers, will be spoiled because they have additional HP when killing opponents.

Therefore, he will be very useful for aggressive players, if your character is damaged during a fight, you will get additional HP after defeating the enemy.

Of course you want to maximize the level because when you have won 5 levels, Panda can provide an additional 7 HP for each kill. Make sure to bring a panda if you want to play like Rusher!

Detective Panda FF has a premium Wild Panda skin that costs 699 diamonds. This is a big problem for most Free Fire players who are only a student with 10 thousand snacks every day. However, there are several other ways to get this pet for free. Keep scrolling down for details.

How to Get Free FF Detective Panda

Detective Panda FF

The easiest way to get Detective Panda FF as well as other Free Fire pets is to attend events and complete missions.

Some are challenging and require lots of luck to win Detective Panda FF while others are quite easy while some players win Falco just by logging in. However, this event is limited and the ongoing event does not offer Detective Panda FF or any pets.

Another way to get Detective Panda FF is through Google Opinion Rewards and other GPT sites like Ysense or Swagbuck.

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Even though you can only earn a few points after each survey, these tasks are short and simple that won't take much time. You can exchange points into in-game diamonds and buy Detective Panda FF or any other pet you like. 

This app is one of the best ways to get diamonds for free. You have to answer some surveys to get Google Play Credit, which can be used to buy diamonds.

However, the number of credits per survey is not much, but it is one of the legit ways to earn diamonds free of charge.

You can use these free diamonds to get Free Pandas, so you don't spend the pocket money given to you.

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That was an overview of Detective Panda FF which will help win the battle! Don't forget to visit our website, to get daily updated news about Esports.

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