The Much-Awaited Nintendo Switch Pro, What's Up?

Nintendo Switch Pro, What's Up?

The virtual world was once shocked by the spread of rumors about an appearance Nintendo Switch Pro.

This model is expected to be released before the 1920s. However, the facts on the ground are very different.

The reason is, Nintendo even released a Switch variant titled OLED instead of Pro. Of course this is very far from the expectations of fans of this hybrid console.

How come? The expected presence of the Switch Pro will receive an update, both in terms of hardware kitchen runway to console features nextgen the ninth generation, instead replaced with the release of the OLED model which only received significant improvements to the line displays and output images only.

Until now, Nintendo continues to dismiss reports that indicate there will be more versions powerful for Switches. They even seem to “wash their hands” by saying that all this news is not news official released by them.

Via platforms Nintendo Direct they, strictly speaking, Nintendo continues to show plans to release new game titles for the next few months with no intention of releasing a new model in the near future.

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Facts about The Rumors

Nintendo Switch Pro, Will It Release?
Nintendo Switch V2 To Be Succeeded By The OLED Model. Source: VCGamers

When viewed from the existing facts, it would be natural if the parties developers seem reluctant to take responsibility.

This is because the rumors regarding the emergence of the Nintendo Switch Pro itself did not come from Nintendo, either directly or indirectly.

Here are some facts:

Departing from The Wall Street Journal (WJS) report in 2019

This rumor began with the WSJ's "whistling" in March 2019 which was titled 'Nintendo to Launch Two New Switch Models' or which, if translated into Indonesian, would be 'Nintendo Will Launch Two New Switch Models'.

In this article, narrative whistleblower which they referred to explained that there would be the release of two new models: one which was a 'cheap alternatives' (a cheaper model, which was realized as the Switch Lite); and the other is 'enhanced version'. This is what became the origin of the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors.

Nintendo White Paper to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

Not to mention that the rumors died down, the industry was again shocked by this Nintendo's official report in July 2019 at the FCC as the governmental body that regulates various electronic affairs in America. In the report, it appears that there are two "secret" consoles to register.

There they provide an overview of the replacement of the "innards" for the two new models. Of course this further fueled the rumors of its appearance.

Conclusion Bloomberg Version

Bloomberg article September 2019 seemed to be the nadir of the conclusion that guaranteed the release of the Switch Pro.

Their lead at that time even dared to say that Nintendo would not only use an OLED screen for their newest model, but also equip it with docking output 4K quality.

Great Animo and Enthusiasm

Basically, the WSJ and its leaks cannot be said to be wrong. The fact is true that the two models are officially raised.

However, the improvement variant that is here is only in the graphic aspect with the release of the OLED version.

universe gamers fooled by the many rumors that were circulating without filtering the facts, including Nintendo's report to the FCC.

In fact, even here, the truth can still be accounted for, because Nintendo has indeed replaced the Switch Lite and OLED innards with the NVidia Tegra X1+.

However, it was Bloomberg's rush to “patent” the conclusion that seemed premature and click bait. Dear thousands dear, para gamers already hastily swallowed the news raw.

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A Glimmer of Hope for the Switch Pro

JoyCon Zelda for Nintendo Switch OLED - Nintendo Switch Pro
JoyCon Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda logo motif. Source: VCGamers

Even though many parties have tried to explain how unlikely the Nintendo Switch Pro release is, there are still many loyal fans who haven't given up hope.

They still believe that Nintendo will give a surprise that can justify their theory.

The latest rumors state that, along with the release of the latest title Zelda titled Tears of the Kingdom, Switch Pro will join launching simultaneously.

But again, this news was dismissed because of the strengthening of the possibility that it would not be the Switch Pro that would be present, but the OLED model as happened to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – reported from the page Gamerant.

VG247 also added, that this would be the last major breakthrough for the Switch line, before Nintendo finally focuses on launching the console nextgen they were next than realizing the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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