Call of Duty Nintendo Switch Collaborates, Here's the Info!

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch

Call of Duty The Nintendo Switch is officially present on the Nintendo Switch game console with a 10-year contract system. XBox Developers announced that Microsoft will be bringing the iconic franchise to the Nintendo platform following their merger with Activision Blizzard. 

On January 18, 2022, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard in a cash deal of $68.7 billion, or nearly $95 per share. 

The acquisition is expected to close in mid-2023. Once the deal is concluded, Microsoft will be the third largest gaming company in the world after Chinese giant Tencent and Japanese company Sony, and the largest headquartered in America.

Among the many blockbuster franchises, Activision Blizzard produced one of the most iconic video game series, Call of Duty Nintendo Switch. The first game in the series was released back in 2003 and recently launched its newest iteration, Modern Warfare 2 (2022).

About Call of Duty Nintendo Switch

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch
Call of Duty Nintendo Switch. Source: Youtube.

As previously mentioned, that Microsoft has officially signed a 10-year contract to deliver the series Call of Duty to the Nintendo platform as part of their commitment to get more games to more people.

Certainly, with the entry of the Nintendo console into their catalog, they will bring the Call of Duty series to the three main game consoles of the current generation, PlayStation, Xbox, and finally Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo console has also received many of its console-exclusive COD games that cannot be played anywhere else, such as Modern Warfare: Mobilized and Black Ops DS. 

The last COD game to ever appear on a Nintendo console was Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U. However, recent developments suggest that the franchise is returning to Nintendo.

Apart from the series joining Nintendo again, the developer has also announced that they will continue to offer the franchise on Steam post Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard which will close in 2023. 

History of Call of Duty and Nintendo

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch
Call of Duty Nintendo Switch. Source: Youtube.

As previously mentioned, this isn't the first time Call of Duty has come to a Nintendo console. Major entries into the series such as Black Ops, Ghosts, Modern Warfare 3, and several other titles made their way to the Wii. However, the performance and visual quality are inferior to its competitors, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Call of Duty also has exclusive titles made for the portable Nintendo DS. It's not the main title and it gives sub-optimal results. These include Modern Warfare: Mobilized and Black Ops DS. 

The dips in terms of performance and visual quality make for a lackluster experience. Players chose to play the game on the more powerful consoles back then. 

Since the release of PS4 and Xbox One, no Call of Duty games have been announced for Nintendo devices, with the last game being COD: Ghosts.

The Nintendo Switch was officially released in 2017. It comes with the Tegra X1 processor, which is already behind its competitors since the chip is from 2015. 

Nintendo didn't anticipate the console to be a big hit and just wanted fans to enjoy their games.

But due to the popularity of consoles, many current generation titles ported to consoles, which were handled very well. These games include Witcher 3, Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, and Doom Eternal, among others. 

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Nintendo Switch Will Adapt to COD Game

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch
Call of Duty Nintendo Switch. Source: Youtube.

Even though they came with major compromises, somehow the developers made it possible to run those games on outdated hardware.

While this may seem like good news to COD fans on the Switch, it's more than likely that the franchise's game will receive a major drop. 

Call of Duty game, in addition to narrative and gameplay, comes with major technological advances. The latest entry, Modern Warfare 2, features some of the best graphics in 2022, and there's no doubt that this graphical fidelity requires decent hardware to fully enjoy it.

It's no surprise that because of all these improvements, Modern Warfare 2's gameplay on last-gen consoles was less than optimal. 

The latest COD games provide the best experience on current generation consoles (Xbox Series X/S, PS5) and PC. Nintendo Switch's Call of Duty doesn't stand a chance against these modern consoles in terms of computing capabilities. 

As previously mentioned, the Switch comes with a Tegra X1 chip, which is significantly inferior even to the last generation of PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Modern Warfare 2 will ever be available on Switch.

The Nintendo console has always been behind the Xbox and PlayStation consoles in terms of performance over their respective generations. However, Nintendo makes up for it with its unique game art style and brilliant narrative complemented by excellent gameplay.

Breath of the Wild isn't the most technologically advanced game, but its art style, gameplay, and storyline make it one of the best video games ever made. 

That said, there are a few possibilities as to how Nintendo might handle the latest Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch will change the game. However, some fans were skeptical of the move. According to them, the series heading to Switch will provide fans with a watered-down experience that won't benefit.

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