The Last of Us Collectibles Guide to Tommy's Dam Chapter

Guide The Last of Us Collectibles

Guide The Last of Us You can learn these collectibles to get better experience and gameplay while playing.

The Last of Us Dam Tommy is one of the shortest chapters in The Last of Us Part 1 Remake. There aren't a lot of collectibles available, and the few players can collect are hard to find. 

In addition to four optional conversations, this chapter offers 13 collectibles, including several pendants, two artifacts, two comic books, one training manual, a workbench and a dagger door. 

It is usually shrouded in dark corners which players can easily miss. This article will give you a guide to The Last of Us Collectibles for beginners so you don't get confused when playing.

Guide The Last of Us Collectibles

Guide The Last of Us Collectibles
Guide The Last of Us Collectibles. Source: Youtube.

If you are still a beginner, you should really understand some of the guides to The Last of Us Collectibles that we provide below.

Dam Tommy Chapter

Guide The Last of Us Collectibles
Guide The Last of Us Collectibles. Source: Youtube.
  • Alien Elements comic book; Go down the hillside until a path opens to the right. Crouch under a branch and head up the hill on the right until the car overturns. Comic books will be in it. 
  • Shiv Door 1 and its Complements; Keep moving forward up towards the dam. Talk to Ellie on the other side. Open the door near Ellie that leads to the stairs to find some supplements. 
  • Optional Dialogue 1: Cross the dam, climb down to the left, jump across the branch, and keep going until the Vicigers find a grave. Interact with the graveyard to unlock the first optional conversation. 
  • Second Supplement Location; Head to the main dam gate. Interact with the door and look back digging to find a supplement in the ground. 
  • Power Station Map Location: Across from the factory, there is a small building. Inside, on the wall, you can find a map of the power plant. 
  • Optional Conversation 2: Upon entering the main facility, Ellie will talk to some of the horses. Speak with Ellie and pet the horse to complete this optional conversation.
  • Third Supplement Location: After parting ways with Ellie, go with Tommy to the office room. In the office room, some supplements will be found on the chair to the left. 
  • Optional Conversation 3: Go back and talk to Tommy who is standing near the lockers and bed to start this conversation. 
  • Fourth Optional Dialogue: Head outside to the top of the dam and stay on the higher level. Approach the woman pacing back and forth, facing the dam. Talk to the woman to get collectibles. 
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  • Location of the Fourth Supplement:; Go to the main power facility to find a supplement bottle on a table with two people talking nearby. 
  • Training Manual Location: From the supplement bottle collection point, turn left to find a training manual in an upside down locker located in a nearby room. 
  • Workbench Location: Workbench is located right next to the training manual. 
  • Oliverio's Firefly Locket: Move outside the room where the workbench is found. Enter the room at the bottom of the two stairs. Look between the two machines located in the room to find Oliverio's Firefly locket. 
  • Factory Schematic Location: After the fight starts across the dam facility, head to the room where the training manual is. On the table where the two workers were talking earlier, you will find a factory map. 
  • Final Supplement: Later in this chapter, players will find themselves in the ranch house with Ellie. Enter the front door and turn left to find another door. Open another one to enter the bathroom. The supplement bottle will be placed in the sink.
  • Pino's Firefly Pendant: Stay on the ground floor. Go to the room located in the far right corner of the house. Pino's Firefly locket will be found next to two doors. 
  • Zero Point comic book: Head upstairs to the bedroom. The Zero Point comic book will be on the left by the window.

Collecting all the supplements in The Last of Us Part 1 Remake's Tommy's Dam chapter will help players improve Joel. They can improve Joel's stats as well as unlock and upgrade his skills. 

Be sure to collect them all before moving on to the final chapter of the game, as the four additional sets available in the Tommy's Dam chapter prove essential during later chapters of the game.

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