MPL Arena ID 2023: Schedule, Standings and How to Watch

Tournament MPL ID S12 has been held and has been running since July 2023. Maybe some of you want to watch it live but are still confused about where the MPL Arena is located.

Top league MLBB is back after the last season ended in April 2023. Therefore, many changes have graced MPL ID S12, starting from the new group, new prize pool, new competition format, and of course the newly announced MPL ID S12.

Competition for MLBB teams in Indonesia is indeed very hot. Player transfer news and new MPL team rumors are revealed. With 9 participating teams, MPL Indonesia has finally added 1 slot since the start of the name system with MPL ID S4.

DEWA United Esports, is a new team in MPL Arena ID S12. With the arrival of new competitors, competition between participants is increasing, which motivates them to win the MPL ID S12 title and a ticket to the M5 World Championship.

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MPL Arena ID S12 Week 5 and 6 schedule

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MLBB Professional League (Source: Telkomsel)

Because this tournament has entered in Week five. The author will only show the special schedule from this Sunday only.

Reporting from the official MPL Indonesia website, below are some of the remaining match schedules;

Thursday 17 August 2023

  • 16.30 WIB – DEWA United vs AURA Fire
  • 19.00 WIB – Alter Ego vs Rebellion Esports

Friday 18 August 2023

  • 17.30 WIB – GEEK Slate vs Bigetron Alpha
  • 20.00 WIB – Alter Ego vs RRQ

Saturday 19 August 2023

  • 15.00 WIB – ONIC Esports vs GEEK Slate
  • 17.30 WIB – Bigetron Alpha vs Alter Ego
  • 20.00 WIB – RRQ vs AURA Fire

Sunday 20 August 2023

  • 16.30 WIB – Rebellion Esports vs DEWA United
  • 19.00 WIB – Alter Ego vs ONIC Esports.

Thursday 7 September 2023

  • 16.30 WIB – RRQ vs Rebellion Esports
  • 19.00 WIB – DEWA United vs Bigetron Alpha

Friday 8 September 2023

  • 17.30 WIB – GEEK Slate vs EVOS Legends
  • 20.00 WIB – ONIC Esports vs DEWA United

Saturday 9 September 2023

  • 15.00 WIB – EVOS Legends vs Alter Ego
  • 17.30 WIB – Rebellion Esports vs AURA Fire
  • 20.00 WIB – ONIC vs RRQ

Sunday 10 September 2023

  • 16.30 WIB – Bigetron Alpha vs RRQ
  • 19.00 WIB – DEWA United vs EVOS Legends.
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Provisional standings

Dewa United Esports. Source: YouTube.

In week four, the MPL ID S12 leaderboard was badly shaken due to intense top-down competition.

Alter Ego continued to build on his momentum by defeating AURA Fire in Week 4. The team that was enjoying good form recently lost by a score of 2-0.

Aran, who played well after being promoted to the MPL team, was unable to make a meaningful contribution against strong opponent Alter Ego.

Next, RRQ faced a newcomer team, namely DEWA United Esports. Ferxiic CS is still stable with its strategy.

They also managed to win like Alter Ego with a clean score of 2-0.

The results of this match raised the ranking of MPL ID S12. RRQ and ONIC are stable in the standings with six wins and two losses, while the bottom five teams are in tight competition with the same results.

Until the time of writing this article, ONIC is still at the top of this year's MPL Arena standings. While DEWA United is at the bottom of the standings.

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How to Watch MPL ID

If you want to watch the MPL ID Season 12 match, don't worry because the price is relatively pocket-friendly. You only need to spend Rp. 85,000 per match in the regular round this season, you know.

You can enjoy this tournament match directly. The location is at XO Hall, MPL Arena, Tanjung Barat, West Jakarta.

If you can't watch the match live, you don't need to be confused. Vicigers can also watch MPL Indonesia Season 12 matches online through the official MPL Indonesia YouTube channel.

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