MPL ID Season 12 Week 1 standings: DEWA United above ONIC?

MPL ID Season 12 standings

fight MPL ID in the first week it was successfully held on Thursday (13/07) to Sunday (16/07) yesterday. And of course, the MPL ID Season 12 standings for that week have been officially released on Monday (17/7). Unexpectedly there are so many surprises that appear, you know!

So how are the gains this week? How exciting was the competition that ran yesterday? And how are the other details up to today? So, for those who haven't had the chance to watch the match yesterday, you can really watch the report this time! Come on, check it out!

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First week of MPL ID Season 12 matches

First week of MPL ID Season 12 matches
First week of MPL ID Season 12 matches. Source: MPL ID Official Site

For information, in the first week there were 8 out of 9 teams playing. The team that hasn't had a chance yet is EVOS Legends. The new white tiger team will get its debut match in Mobile Legends Professional League Season 12 on Friday (28/07).

Apart from that, most teams got the chance to play 2-3 times in the first week yesterday. Especially those who get 3 times the opportunity to play, namely RRQ, and the other only got a chance to fight twice.

Team Statistics
Team Statistics. Source: MPL ID Official Site

Day One (Thursday, 13 July 2023)

On this first day, 2 matches were held, which automatically 4 teams competed. The first match was opened by newcomers: DEWA United on the away side, and 'old player' AURA Fire at home.

This best of 3 (BO3) match was surprisingly able to be maximized up to 3 matches by both teams. But unexpectedly, DEWA United as a team made by MDL was able to beat AURA with a score of 2-1.

In the second match, Rebellion Zion (RBL) fought Alter egos (AE) – who last season was able to finish in third place. Of course, as the top three, AE is more favored to get points in this match.

With a maximum total of 3 matches played by the two teams, again, the 'underdog' managed to win with a final score of 2-1 for RBL.

Day Two (Friday, 14 July 2023)

For the second day, back in the two matches. In the opening match there was a 'mediocre' class match between Bigetron Alpha (BTR) against GEEK Fam. In this match, GEEK, who performed quite brilliantly last season, is more favored than the 'red robot' team.

With a total of three matches, the public was again surprised by the final result that was beyond expectations: BTR bagged points with a final score of 2-1.

As the closing game of the second day, AURA Fire played their second match of the season at home against the 'King of Kings' team: RRQ. Even though both of them have fresh roster lineups, RRQ is still superior in this match.

And sure enough, giving the impression of not 'giving breath' to the opposing team, RRQ finished the match with a score of 2-0 without reply. Up to this point, in its first two matches, AURA has not pocketed any points.

Day Three (Saturday, 15 July 2023)

Of course, this third day is what many MLBB fans have been waiting for. The officials also deliberately planned big parties to be held on Saturday (Sunday Night), so that tickets for the live venue at the MPL Arena could be sold out!

There were three matches that took place that day. Opened by AE against BTR, the 'red robot' team seems to be on fire this season. This is evident from their performance, which again managed to beat AE 2-0 without reply: pocketing another additional score for their standings.

In the second match, there are DEWA against RBL. Although the two teams managed to win each other back, surprisingly the 'god' managed to break the 'horns' of the 'bull' team. As a result, 2-1 to DEWA United!

Well, this is the closing party that many have been waiting for. First “The Royal Derby” of the season: RRQ vs. ONIC! The two teams that are identical in color to yellow are the strongest in MPL ID. This time, there are more ONIC candidates, seeing their title as MSC 2023 champions.

At the start of the match, ONIC looked capable of applying pressure. As if not wanting to stay silent, RRQ got up and replied. But the world's expectations were completely shattered, because the 'King of the Sky' had to acknowledge RRQ's greatness in this match: 2-1 score for RRQ!

Fourth Day (Sunday, 16 July 2023)

And the last day of the first week could be said to be 'Slaughter Week'. The 'upper bracket' teams in the Season 11 playoffs then got their portion against the lower standings teams.

In the first match there was GEEK against ONIC. Of course the final result was very predictable, with ONIC successfully 'finishing' GEEK 2-0 without reply. Likewise in the second match: RBL vs. RRQ. It lasted quite a while with only 2 matches, RRQ scored again.

MPL ID Season 12 Week 1 standings

MPL ID Season 12 standings
MPL ID Season 12 standings. Source: MPL ID Official Site

From there you can see the current standings for the first week of MPL ID Season 12. RRQ managed to emerge as the season's champion by bagging its 3x win streak. The hope is that RRQ's performance last season will not be repeated: after a win streak, a lost streak will appear!

Not only that, BTR and DEWA competed fiercely with a total of 2 wins. They won at 2-3. The funny thing is, ONIC has to languish under DEWA in 4th place! Of course this is a separate record, seeing as the MSC 2023 champion must be under the team made by MDL.

In fifth place is RBL with a total of 1 win, followed by EVOS Legends in 6th place with clean gains (no playing portion yet). The standings were closed by 3 'bottom board' teams: AE, AURA, and GEEK in 7th, 8th, and 9th positions.

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So that's the summary of the MPL ID Season 12 standings for the first week yesterday.

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