Most Challenging Android Skateboard Game

Is a choice of sports that are classified as extreme, not everyone is good at skateboarding. Therefore, the availability of Android skateboard games is certainly very interesting to play. So, here's a row Android Skateboard games with superior features that can be downloaded from Android phones.

Skateboard Party 3

Is an Android skateboarding game made by Maple Media with almost console-like visuals and gameplay. This game has exciting features for players to work on. The developer also includes Greg Lutzka as a very unique special character. Players themselves can use 16 kinds of characters that can be dressed at will. Skateboard Party 3 offers two mode options, namely Career and Free skate modes. For Career mode, players must complete the mission to the highest stage. Of course there are various rewards that can be collected. Then in Free Skate mode the player is given a time limit with an acceptable achievement if he is able to do a new trick.

Tony Hawk's Skate Jam

Tony Hawk is a world skateboarding legend. So, in this game, players can activate Tony Hawk's character, which can be dressed up in style, for example by changing pants, t-shirts and helmets. Maple Media brought a line of punk songs that are truly legendary. Some of the songs included are from Hanni El Khatib, Interpol, and Se Vende. The Android skateboarding game brings 3D visuals with a rebel look. Even though it's not as smooth as modern games, it seems that the developers deliberately wanted the feel of the 90's era. Players can also compete with other players through tournament mode. Then, players can compete for points using the PvP mode!

True Skates

Android skateboarding games True Axis' work is indeed very interesting. Here the player plays as a skater with fingertips when maneuvering. Various places are provided that can be explored in trying to practice the tricks mastered. This game also offers a variety of skating equipment including Rails, Bowls, Ledge and Quarter. Players are free to play skate and choose a technique that looks cool if they do it successfully. Players can also customize the skate area according to what they want.

Mike V: Skateboard Party

Android skateboarding games it offers similar gameplay to Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the PS1 console. Starting from the movement to the visuals, Mike V: Skateboard Party is not supported by the modern 3D display. In Mike V: Skateboard Party, two modes are provided, namely Career and Free Skate modes. For Career mode, players must complete several missions in order to receive an achievement if they successfully complete all tasks. In this mode players can access new places as well as customize the characters and boards used. Meanwhile, in Free Skate mode, there are no missions that must be completed, meaning players are free to try various techniques until they master them.

Epic Skaters

There are fun Android skateboarding games available with simple but addictive gameplay. Epic Skater presents gameplay with the concept of an endless runner or endless but not boring runners. Players can explore the city of Los Angeles from a completely different angle. Then, players can try various techniques to get the highest points. In this game, players are presented with different map shapes according to the distance traveled. The longer the road taken, the more difficult the terrain traversed. Players can also increase the strength of the main character to make it more skilled. Improved skills such as jumping, trick time speed, to board speed. But players must collect coins first to upgrade earlier.

FE3D skating

If most skateboarding games feature dressing up characters and boards, Skating FE3D instead features a map modification menu. When going to play it, the player is placed in an empty land which must be pinned by an obstacle first. If you want to upgrade, players need currency which can be obtained in classic mode. The greater the money collected, automatically the more exciting the location you have. Besides using various skills, players can also create their own challenges.

Stickman Skate Battle

Games with the Stickman concept for character display are never empty of enthusiasts. Stickman does have fluid movements that are very beautiful and look real. Djinnworks GmbH as a developer has successfully presented it in an Android skateboarding game that is worth playing. Simple visuals make this Android game won't make you frown. Rows of characters in it can also be modified according to the player's model. Many costume sets as well as skateboards are available. Players can also fight with other players. Even more fun, for competitive mode players can take turns pitting skills to determine the highest point winner. Even though there is no rank available, the rewards obtained can be allocated to pay for map equipment, costumes and boards.

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