Disqualified Morph Team from PMPL, Failed to Enter SEA Play-In!

There was an unfortunate incident that happened to one of the teams in the PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022 league yesterday. The PUBG Mobile team named Morph Team had to receive disqualification for violating crucial regulations from the PMPL organizers.

Before discussing this unfortunate incident, let's take a look at the explanation about PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022 first! For Vicigers who are not too familiar with the PUBG Mobile competitive esports scene, see the discussion on the league below!

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PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022

PMPL ID Fall Morph Disqualification
PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022 poster. Source: YouTube/PUBG MOBILE Indonesia

PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia is one of the most popular leagues in Indonesia. How could it not be, PMPL Indonesia is one of the leagues with the highest caste that rivals other tournaments held by third parties.

Like other esports tournaments, the results of PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022 will determine the best team that will then compete in international tournaments. The international tournaments are the PMPL SEA Championship and Play-in.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game, so there are quite a number of teams participating. For PMPL Indonesia, there are 20 teams participating to win the league.

All teams that have slots compete to collect points during the League phase. After that, the top 16 teams will go to the Finals. This Finals match is the main attraction for PUBG Mobile esports fans.

Of the 16 finalists, only 7 will go to an international tournament, namely PMPL Southeast Asia. Places 1st to 4th will immediately play in the PMPL SEA Championship tournament, while positions 5 to 7th will play in the SEA Play-in to get a slot in the PMPL SEA Championship tournament.

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Morph Disqualification Reasons

Team Morph Disqualification
PMPL Disqualification Team Morph Roster. Source: Instagram/@morph.team

Initially, Morph Team took 7th place by accumulating enough points. Seeing that the 7th place will qualify for the SEA Play-in to have a chance to qualify for the SEA Championship, surely Morph Team is quite happy.

However, hopes of qualifying for the SEA Play-in must be dashed. Morph Team received a disqualification for not following the official regulations from the PMPL organizers.

According to the current caster team livestream PMPL Indonesia CFD3, Team Morph did not use a parachute skin so they had to be disqualified and dropped to 8th place.

Due to a drop in ranking, Morph Team failed to qualify for the SEA Play-in and Dewa United replaced the 7th place. As ranked 7th, Dewa United is the team that replaced Morph Team to qualify for the SEA Play-in.

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PMPL Indonesia Final Results Fall 2022

Disqualification PMPL Morph Result
PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022 Official Final Results. Source: YouTube/PUBG MOBILE Indonesia

Genesis Dogma GIDS is ranked first with a total of 236 points, followed by Alter Ego which has a difference of 1 point, namely 235 total points.

BOOM Esports and NFT Esports are the last two teams following Genesis Dogma GIDS and Alter Ego to qualify for the SEA Championship tournament.

In addition, the GPX, Bigetron RA, and Dewa United teams qualified for the SEA Play-in to have the opportunity to play in the SEA Championship. Unfortunately, Morph Team failed to advance to the SEA Play-in due to a rule violation.

Thus the discussion regarding PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022 and the reasons why Morph Team failed to qualify for the SEA Play-in. To top up UC, come on visit VC Market by VCGamers!

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