The Most Exciting and Thrilling Stumble Guys Map, Must Try!

Map Stumble Guys

Folder Stumble Guys is the main terrain in the game Stumble Guys. The map is also the first focus offered in the game.

The reason is, the game really highlights the excitement through various obstacles in the map. So it's no wonder that many players want to know the ins and outs of the maps in the Stumble Guys game.

In this article, VCGamers News want to share explanations of several maps and recommend the 3 most tense maps in Stumble Guys. Check out the full explanation below.

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What is Stumble Guys

Before that, you need to know what it is games Stumble Guys. For those of you who are new to this game, Stumble Guys is a genre game Survival which requires you to survive through three rounds in three different maps in order to become first place or Last Man Standing.

There are three rounds in the game Stumble Guys. The first round usually begins on an easy obstacle course with 32 players.

Then in the second half usually included two different and rather difficult types of maps. Team map and survival map. The second half will be enlivened by 16 players who managed to survive in the first round.

Finally is the third round with a map that has the most difficult and tense obstacles. Filled by eight players who have survived in the previous rounds. They have to survive or take down other players to come out as champions.

This game is fairly light to play on your cellphone. It only takes about 100MB of storage. This game has also been played by more than 100 million players on Android.

The names of the maps in the Stumble Guys game

Map Stumble Guys
Map Stumble Guys

Next, we will provide a list of map names in the game along with the types of obstacles provided. Check out the list below so you can better understand the flow of the map and can easily play the Stumble Guys game.

Map Stumble Guys – Humble Stumble

This map is a map that is usually in the first half. This map is fairly easy with only a few moving blocks to hinder your character's progress. In order to pass in this map, you must quickly get to the finish line and take the top 16 slots.

Spin Go Round

This map is also included in the survival map. You have to get to the finish before the time runs out to enter the top 16. The main obstacle in this map is the spinning stick.

Over and Under

As the name suggests, this map uses a vertical bar that moves up and down. You can get past this obstacle by setting the rhythm and taking the right momentum to jump over the bar or break through it when the bar is above.

Icy Heights

This snow map is very exciting because the map terrain has a slippery texture. Some players will slip and fall easily if they are in a hurry. The key is to be patient, take the momentum and always try to be in the middle.

Map Stumble Guys – Pivot Push

The main focus to avoid from this map is a hammer that hangs above the players. The hammer will crash if you don't have the right moment. Or it could also be that you will run out of time because another player pushed you.

Rocket Rumble

Rocket Rumble is included in the new map in the Stumble Guys game. This map will definitely appear in round two with 16 players. This map is a team map with 8vs8 whose mission is to fight over the flag to qualify for the third round.

Map Stumble Guys – Space Race

Are you interested in the world of outer space? Then this map will add to your exciting experience when playing Stumble Guys. In this map, gravity will decrease and you should be able to control your character so you don't jump too far outside the arena.

Super Slides

This map is very liked because it is very easy and fun. You just have to slide in the water and jump over a hole so you don't fall.

Lava Rush

As the name implies, this map will be decorated with lots of lava mountains as the main obstacle for players. Apart from that, there will also be shots of fire from above to set your character on fire! Always focus too so you don't fall into a pool of lava, okay!

Map Stumble Guys – Lost Temple

This map can appear in the second and third rounds, but more often in round three. This map is of the Race to Finish type or race to number one. There are many obstacles such as sharp spears, thorns, swinging axes and rolling boulders.

Cannon Climb

There are many shooting cannons in this map. You have to dodge so you don't get bounced by the shots.

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Lace Tracer

This map is quite unique. The main enemy in this map is a laser that can scorch your character if hit. Then you have to pay attention to tempo and momentum to avoid it. Also be wary of other players who deliberately push you.


Football is the most popular sport in the world. It's no wonder this game adapts the sport in this one map. You will get into one of the teams and work together to score as many goals as possible to qualify for the third round.

Honey Drops

Relax, this map will not present bees as enemies. But you have to be the last player who can survive the collapsed honeycombs. The main tip is to focus on the honey which will be red and deft.

Tile Fall

Map Tile Fall is somewhat similar to Honey Drop. The difference lies in the luck of the players in guessing which steps are real and which are fake. If correct, then the tile will be green and if wrong the tile will be red and cause you to fall!

Floor Flip

Turning footing is the main obstacle in the Floor Flip map. The best way is to pay attention to the momentum to pass each step. In the last stage of this map, there will be a foothold that will be overturned quickly if many players step on it.


To win this map you have to avoid bomb shots from a ship. Apart from that, you also have to focus on footholds that can sink under the sea at any time!

Paint Splash

This map is filled with slick paint that gets in the way of players. You also have to try to avoid the rolling paint rolls so you don't run out of time.

Block Dash

Don't fall because of being pushed by big blocks in this map so you don't lose! This map often appears in the third round with eight players. You have to enter a block with a hole or jump swiftly to be the last player standing.

Jungle Roll

In this map you will be faced with a number of rotating logs. If you don't make it through, you will fall into the water and have to repeat at the start line. Of course it will spend time causing you to be eliminated.

Three of the Most Exciting and Thrilling Stumble Guys Map

Now is the time for you to find out which map the players rate as the most exciting and tense map! Here comes the nomination.

  • Laser Tracers
 Lace Tracer
Lace Tracer
  • Block Dash
Block Dash
Block Dash
  • Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag
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Yes, that's the complete list of Stumble Guys maps and also the three maps that are included in the list of the most stressful maps. These three maps are considered the most exciting because they often appear in the third round and irritate the players because the challenges are too difficult and very competitive.

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