List of MDL ID Champions from Time to Time

list of mdl id champions (5)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development Indonesia Season 9 or commonly known as MDL ID Season 9 will be held on March 4 2024. So, this time we will review the MDL ID champions from season 1 to season 8.

MDL ID is the official Tier B Mobile Legends tournament held by Moonton. Apart from holding the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) ID which is loved by Mobile Legends Esports fans throughout the country, MDL ID is also no less exciting to follow.

MDL is a place for professional Mobile Legends players to take part in Moonton's Tier A tournament, namely MPL.

Therefore, the participating teams will get slots to fill several positions in the MDL tournament and these teams will receive an invitation if they have passed the selection from Moonton to compete there.

It was mentioned that this article will invite you to reminisce about the champion moments in MDL every season and we will find out who the list of MDL ID champions is from season to season. Who do you think?

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List of MDL ID Champions

list of mdl id champions (8)
Mobile Legends Developmental League Trophy (Source: sulthanadp/Instagram)

Maybe for those of you who didn't take part in the MDL ID tournament from Season 1 to Season 8, you don't know the list of champions who have won the MDL ID trophy.

So, who do you think is the MDL champion from season to season, huh? Just take a look below!

MDL ID Season 1 (2020)

list of mdl id champions (10)
MDL ID S1 Winner – Victim Esports (mdl.indonesia/Instagram)

The winner of MDL Season 1 is Victim Esports which was held on 17 February – 19 April 2020, which was attended by 12 teams participating in Esports Mobile Legends.

In MDL Season 1 at that time there were 4 teams in the PlayOff, namely Siren Esports, XCN Kings, Victim Esports and Recca Esports and in the Grand Final the competition was against Victim Esports and Recca Esports.

In the Grand Final, Victim Esports won 2-0, but Recca Esports didn't want to lose in the next two games so the position became 2-2.

Then, in the fifth game, Victim Esports appeared more aggressive than before and managed to beat Recca Esports with a final score of 3-2 in a short time.

The Victim Esports Roster in MDL ID Season 1 competing at that time was:

  • XinThink
  • Saanji
  • Sanztuy
  • Renbo
  • OnMyWay

Currently Victim Esports no longer exists in the world of Esports Mobile Legends, but there are several team members who you might also know and are currently pro players such as Sanztuy/Sanz (ONIC Esports) and Renbo, who was at BTR at that time and moved to RRQ, which now has Farewel status from RRQ itself.

MDL ID Season 2 (2020)

list of mdl id champions (6)
MDL ID S2 Winner – Siren Clan (mdl.indonesia/Instagram)

For MDL ID Season 2 which took place on August 10 2020, Siren Clan was the winner at that time.

This team has never won the MDL ID tournament since Season 1, but this was proven again in its full performance in MDL Season 2.

At that time, Siren Clan had defeated AURA Esports, ONIC Prodigy and RRQ Sena and they again wrestled with RRQ Sena in the Grand Final of MDL ID Season 2 and defeated him with a final score of 3-1.

One of the unique and cool things about Siren Clan is that they are not an Esports organization, but they are a community team and they also managed to become champions of MDL ID Season 2.

The following is the Roster from Siren Clan who defeated RRQ Sena in MDL Season 2, namely:

  • AzeR
  • Hinelle
  • Altamiz
  • JeYy
  • Patapon

MDL ID Season 3 (2021)

list of mdl champions (7)
MDL ID S3 Winner – Siren Esports (mdl.indonesia/Instagram)

MDL ID Season 3, which will be held on 22 February – 25 April 2021, has brought back the same champion as the previous season, namely Siren Esports which has changed its name from the previous Siren Clan.

In MDL ID Season 3, Siren Esports fought Victim Esports as champions of MDL ID Season 1 during the Grand Final. Siren Esports managed to beat Victim Esports with a winning score of 3-0.

Apart from that, they have managed to break a record by becoming the first and only back-to-back team in the history of MDL ID.

Currently, Siren Esports has become the Ax Gang (GPX) which will be fielded in MDL ID Season 4. The following is a list of Roster who will appear in MDL ID Season 3, namely:

  • AzeR
  • JeYy
  • Tenn
  • Reiya
  • Inviz

MDL ID Season 4 (2021)

list of mdl id champions (1)
MDL ID S4 Winner – Alter Ego

In MDL ID Season 4 which was held on 9 August – 17 October 2021, the champion was born, namely Alter Ego 75 million.

In the Grand Final, Alter Ego X fought EVOS Icon and defeated this team with a final score of 3-1.

The MVP of the MDL ID Season 4 Grand Final is Reizel. The following is a list of rosters who succeeded in becoming champions in MDL ID Season 4, namely:

  • Munsters
  • AMYY
  • Rexlon
  • RaizeL
  • DevKoch
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MDL ID Season 5 (2022)

list of mdl id champions (3)
MDL ID S5 Winner – EVOS Icon (evosesports/Instagram)

Having failed and not becoming champion in MDL ID Season 4, in MDL ID Season 5 which was held on 14 February – 17 April 2022, the champion was EVOS Icon.

Repeating the previous moment in MDL ID Season 4, where EVOS Icon fought Alter Ego

At that time, Tazz became the handler who brought this EVOS Icon to win the MDL ID Season 5. There are several EVOS Icon rosters who contributed this season, namely:

  • pendragon
  • Tazz DD
  • Falah
  • CKIM
  • Wok

MDL ID Season 6 (2022)

list of mdl id champions (2)
MDL ID S6 Winner – Bigetron Beta (realmobilelegendsid/Instagram)

In MDL ID Season 6 which was held on 08 August – 09 October 2022, the champion, Bigetron Beta, was born at the bottom of the standings during the Regular Season.

During the Regular Season, Bigetron Beta has released all its skills so that at the Grand Final they finally reached the top of the standings after fighting EVOS Icon with a landslide score of 3-0.

The Bigetron Beta roster that will appear in MDL ID Season 6 is as follows:

  • VyrNoCure
  • Just Garrr
  • Gamora
  • Matt
  • Audycs

MDL ID Season 7 (2023)

list of mdl id champions (4)
MDL ID S7 Winner – EVOS Icon (mdl.indonesia/Instagram)

In MDL ID Season 7 which was held on 07 February – 06 April 2023, the winner came from the White Macam Team who won for the second time after winning MDL ID Season 5.

After losing back and forth in the Regular Season, they were quite strong in the Grand Final round of MDL ID Season 7, where EVOS Icon was able to dominate the victory in the Grand Final against Dewa United Esports with a score of 4-2.

The following is a list of rosters that will appear in MDL ID Season 7, namely:

  • Veldora
  • Sutsujin
  • Cr1te
  • Douma
  • Vaanstrong
  • Claws

MDL ID Season 8 (2023)

list of mdl id champions (9)
MDL ID S8 Winner – Twee Bossque (mdl.indonesia/Instagram)

Finally, at MDL ID Season 8 which was held on July 10 – October 29 2023, the winner of this season was Tiger Wong Esports (TWE) Bossque!

During the Grand Final they played against RRQ Sena who had ups and downs during the match, so in the end they managed to win with a score of 4-2.

Below is a list of the TWE Bossque Roster who fought against RRQ Sena in MDL ID Season 8, namely:

  • Gobbs
  • Nervous
  • Rinz
  • Safril
  • Idok
  • Altamiz
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So, that's the list of MDL ID champions in each season. So, who do you think will win the Champion Title in MDL ID Season 9?

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