WOW! Here Are All the Viper Line Ups on the Icebox Map! #1

Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss all the Viper line ups on the Icebox Map. Certainly not a few Valorant players here use Viper in every match. Therefore, we will discuss the Viper line up for this Icebox map, vicigers.

The Viper Toolkit can shine on almost any map in Valorant, but if you use Viper in the Icebox map it can give the team an advantage. Viper is a controlling agent with a series of toxic abilities: Snake Bite (C), Poison Cloud (Q), Toxic Screen (E), and his ultimate, Viper's Pit (X).

Okay, let's just get into the discussion of the Viper Line Up,

Viper Line Up For Attackers

Attack Site A

WOW! Here Are All the Viper Line Ups on the Icebox Map!

To setup the Toxic Screen, the player must stand at the left entrance from the attacker's side. Then the player must face the left edge of the doorway, and shoot the Toxic Screen. This will divide the site in two and cover the viewing angle for the Defenders to peek.

Toxic Screen can be combined well with Poison Cloud abilities. Rafters site A gives defenders the peek advantage. Therefore, players can enter Site A from the right entrance, and run through the threshold of the wall beside Pipe A. The aim must be in the left corner of the wall for Poison Cloud to land on A Rafters.

Snake Bite is useful in the post-plant scene in Valorant. If the spike is planted right beside the box in front of the Nest, the player can poison the area. Players must go and stand in the corner of the yellow line under their feet, near the attacker's entrance. Then aiming at the right side of the gray tent on the ceiling, players can shoot Snake Bite. If a bomb is planted in the Nest, players can easily shoot it by aiming slightly upwards.

Viper is one of the best controller choices for Sites A Icebox, in Valorant.

Attack Site B

WOW! Here Are All the Viper Line Ups on the Icebox Map!

Attacking on Site B is made easy with the Toxic Screen. When entering the site, players must pass through the wall from the corner of B Green. This will cut all of B Snowman and B Garage.

To place a Viper's Poison Cloud orb in the Bomb Planting area, players need to squeeze between the right sides of two metal blocks on B Green. The crosshair must point up into the sky away from the stars, to make the ball land there.

The same goes for Snake Bite, but players should aim a little higher near the edge of the beam. When shooting, the player must also jump and throw it, to make it land there.

Players can experiment with the Viper line up on the Icebox B site.

Attack Mid Sites

To cut the Mid and Kitchen area of the Icebox area, players must shoot a Toxic Screen from behind the box at the Mid entrance. Players need to look at the minimap and place a line in such a way that it ends at B Snowpipe.

When rushing in the mid site, the Boiler remains the biggest threat to the attackers. Viper can cover it with his Poison Cloud ability. Player must place it in the tallest box behind the blue container. Then aim perpendicularly, below the second lowest line, and place the crosshair on the edge of the roof. The orb will hit the roof and fall right on the Mid Boiler.

WOW! Here Are All the Viper Line Ups on the Icebox Map!

A similar lineup can be used for Snake Bite as well to make it easier for teammates to rush from Mid and into sites.

Viper Line Up For Defenders

Defending Sites A

Surviving on site A Icebox is easy with the powerful Toxic Screen Viper lineup. There are several ranges of Toxic Screens when defending site A. Players can cut the site in half by shooting Toxic Screens from the side of site A vertically. This is one of the simplest Viper line ups at site A. Players can also experiment with it.

Poison Cloud can be used to cover A Nest and main entrance to A Site. This will prevent the opposing team from rushing.

If the player so desires, using Snake Bite near the entrance will also stop enemies from pushing into the site.

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Defending Site B

In Site B Icebox, enemy entrances from Mid and B Green can be easily cut with a Toxic Screen. Players can shoot him from B Snowman, which covers the Site B Mid entrance.

WOW! Here Are All the Viper Line Ups on the Icebox Map!

Poison Cloud also had great utility at Site B in terms of covering the B Yellow and B Hall openings. In fact, there is another lineup to cover the enemy's entrance from B Green with Poison Cloud. Players must squeeze between two giant chests, next to the Yellow B. Then, aim for the container attached to the wall, and throw it there with a jump. The orb will land on the container, covering the enemy's entrance.

Defending Mid

Toxic Screen Viper is the best utility to defend Mid on Icebox. Toxic Screen can be placed vertically from Mid Boiler to cut off enemy entrance to Mid.

Players can also throw a Poison Cloud orb near the entrance with Snake Bite to keep enemies from being pushed hard in Mid.

WOW! Here Are All the Viper Line Ups on the Icebox Map!

Just now were some discussions about the Viper line up on the Icebox Map. What do you think vicigers? is this line up effective to do in-game?

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