Here Are 2 Valorant Maps and 5 Must-Use Agents!

Hello vicigers, on this occasion we will discuss the 5 Mandatory Agents that must be used on 2 maps Valorant which we will discuss. As you know, Valorant offers many variations of Agents and with different roles. And here we will discuss which agents are suitable for what map we will use in the match.

Until now, Valorant has released approximately 15 Agents with different roles. Each Valorant agent has different abilities that make them unique, and according to the structure of each map, their effectiveness varies.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 Mandatory Agents That Must Be Used in These 2 Valorant Maps.

Here are 2 Valorant Maps and 5 Must-Use Agents!


5 Mandatory Agents That Must Be Used in These 2 Valorant Maps!
  • Omen – Omen has the best Smoke skill in Valorant. That alone has made him a staple in any lineup. In Ascent, where mid control is very important, Omen can very effectively control mid points. The Paranoia skill also has great use in the Valorant map.
  • Sova – Ascent has the thinnest walls of any Valorant map, so Recon Bolt Sova offers great utility in this map. Sova's shock darts are also very useful in the Ascent map. So Sova is the most useful agent on this one map.
  • Jett – Ascent has some of the longest sight lines of any map in Valorant, especially around the center of the map, which is one of the most important areas to control. Dash Jett can take over the game on defense, if the player uses the Operator to control the mid site and then rotates quickly to other sites as needed. TSM Wardell's Jett game in Ascent in First Strike Valorant is a prime example of Jett's playstyle.
  • Breach – Breach is great when paired with Jett. Jett-Breach is one of the most effective agent combos in this Valorant Map. Breach uses his flash, Jett uses his dash skill at the right time and kills every enemy that is blinded by Breach's flash. Jett becomes one of the best entry fraggers in the game on the offensive side when paired with Breach.
  • Killjoy – Ascent is the strongest Valorant map for Killjoy in Valorant. Meanwhile, on the attacker's side, Killjoy's ult covers all of both sites. On defense, the setup is much more robust compared to Cypher as Cypher really doesn't have the best places to place its tripwires relative to other maps.


5 Mandatory Agents That Must Be Used in These 2 Valorant Maps!
  • Omen – Omen shadows all other Valorant controllers right now as the default smoke pick and that has a lot to do with his Paranoia being so strong. He can control both sites with Paranoia. So this gives him great value and versatility in team compositions filling both smoker and flasher roles.
  • Raze – Split into very crowded maps to give Raze's AoE abilities such as his grenade. He also has a lot of great locations on the Valorant map which gives the high-ground advantage a fantastic ult opportunity. Also, the Boombot can provide value because Split has narrow corridors.
  • Breach – Breach's effectiveness in Split is for exactly the same reasons as Omen. The ability Faultline Breach is addressed in a similar way to Omen's Paranoia. And that Faultline lineup also serves as the lineup for his ultimate. In fact, Split is Breach's most powerful map so far.
  • Jett – Jett can use the Operator from the vent side of the mid sites to take control of the mid sites, which again is a very important concept in Split. He can also rotate very quickly to sites A and B where Jett can get a remote vantage point facing directly at any enemy trying to enter the sites. This allows Jett to control Mid on defense early in the round, then rotate and hold pushing at other sites.
  • Cypher – Split is by far Cypher's strongest map, considering the incredibly strong lineup he has across the map, the most notable being his B site lineup which can be quite difficult to deal with.
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So, just now was a discussion of the 2 maps that are required to use the 5 agents that have been mentioned in this article. How's vicigers? I hope this information can be applied to your in-game. Hopefully the party with the party partners will be more exciting and solid.

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