Best Character for Light of Foliar Incision Genshin Impact

Light of Foliar Incision Genshin Impact is a 5 star sword weapon released by Genshin Impact in the first period of update 3.4.

This sword was released along with the new Dendro character viz Alhaitham and it is indeed the signature weapon of this character from the Sumeru region.

Apart from Alhaitham, which characters are suitable for wielding this sword? Is Light of Foliar Incision really good and worth it to get?

This time, VCGamers will discuss in detail about the Light of Foliar Incision sword, starting from its stats, ascending materials, to the best Genshin Impact characters that are suitable for using this sword.

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Light of Foliar Incision Genshin Impact

Light of Foliar Incision is an exclusive 5-star sword that you can get from Genshin Impact's Gacha system.

You can get it by pulling on the Weapon Banner together with the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear.

Stat Light of Foliar Incision Genshin Impact

build alhaitham genshin impact gun light of foliar incision
Light of Foliar Incision Model Sword (source: Genshin Impact)

Light of Foliar Incision's main stat will provide additional ATK and additional Crit DMG in the second stat. So, it is very good for DPS or Sub DPS characters.

The additional total ATK dealt is 44 at level 1, up to 542 at level 90. In addition, the added Crit DMG will deal 19.2% Crit DMG at level 1 to 88.2% Crit DMG at level 90.

Bonuses given to users are not good. The user of this sword will get a stat Crit Rate increase of 8% in the first refinement.

After a character attacks using a Normal Attack that deals Elemental DMG, the Foliar Incision effect will be applied.

This effect will increase the DMG dealt by Normal Attack and Elemental Skill by 120% from Elemental Mastery. 

The bonus from the Foliar Incision effect will disappear after 28 DMG times or 12 seconds where characters can get the Foliar Incision effect every 12 seconds.

The percentage of DMG and Crit Rate that will be obtained differs depending on the refinement of the sword. Maximum on the 5th refinement, you will get an additional Crit Rate of 8% and 240% DMG for Normal and Elemental Skills.

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Material Ascension Light of Foliar Incision Genshin Impact

light of foliar incision genshin impact material ascension
Material Ascension (source: Amber.Top)

The materials you need to ascend the Light of Foliar Incision sword are as follows:

  • Drops from the enemies of the Eremites namely: Faded Red Satin, Trimmed Red Silk, and Rich Red Brocade.
  • Forest Dew ascension material set weapons: Chopper Talisman of Forest Dew, Iron Talisman of Forest Dew, Silver Talisman of Forest Dew, and Gold Talisman of Forest Dew.
  • Drop materials from Consecrated Beast Shells Elite Enemy: Dessicated Shell, Sturdy Shell, and Marked Shell.

Consecrated Beast is a new enemy that you can find a lot in the second part of the Desert region which was just opened in this 3.4 update. 

There are 3 types of Consecrated Beast that you can find, namely Flying Serpent, Red Vulture, and Scorpion. 

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User's Best Character Recommendations

light of foliar incision genshin impact sword alhaitham best
Alhaitham is the Best Light of Foliar Incision User (source: Genshin Impact)

As previously discussed, Light of Foliar Incision will be very suitable for use by DPS characters.

However, not all DPS characters who use the VCGamers sword feel suitable for using this weapon.

If you look at the bonus given by Light of Foliar Incision, it will only activate if the Foliar Incision effect is obtained.

This effect will only be active if the character uses a Normal Attack that deals Elemental DMG instead of Physical DMG.

Meaning, the character that is most suitable for using this sword is a character who is able to change (infuse) Normal Attack with Elemental.

From the results of the VCGamers experiment, there are several Light of Foliar Incision swords, namely: Alhaitham, Kamisato Ayato, Keqing, and Nilou. 

These four characters can change Normal Attack to Elemental when using Normal Skill first so you can optimize the ability of this sword more easily.

This sword can be the best choice for Kamisato Ayato if you don't have Haran Geppaku Futsu and for Nilou as a substitute for the Key of Khaj-Nisut. 

With a note that you have to meet the required stats such as HP on Nilou from the artifacts used by the characters.

Sword-wielding characters like Kamisato Ayaka, Traveler, Albedo, Jean, and others don't mean they aren't good at using this sword. However, you cannot maximize the bonus given by the sword so this character is better off using another weapon.

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Those are the recommendations for characters that are suitable for using Light of Foliar Incision. For those of you who haven't gotten this weapon in the previous banner, you can save from now and buy a trusted Genesis Crystal for gacha VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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