How to get The Catch Genshin Impact for free

The Catch Genshin

The Catch Genshin Impact is one of the weapons that you must have. The power of various powerful weapons that exist in Genshin Impact Of course, you have to watch out for this later.

From here, you will have weapons that will really improve the abilities of one of the characters.

This time, there are actually a lot of new things that you can learn in the Genshin Impact game, and all of them will really help you. Besides that, making different builds for each character can help you become stronger in battle.

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How To Get The Catch Genshin

The Catch Genshin

To get The Catch item in Genshin Impact, here are the steps that need to be done:

Open the Explore menu

First of all, click the Explore button located at the bottom of the screen, or press the “M” key on your keyboard to open this menu.

Select Fishing Spot

The Catch Genshin

After opening the Explore menu, select the Fishing Spot you want to visit. There are several Fishing Spots available throughout the map, such as Misty Lake, Luhua Pool, and others. Choose one of the spots you want to visit and click the “Go” button to start the journey.

Preparing equipment

After arriving at the Fishing Spot, click the "Fishing" button to start the fishing process. Choose the rod and bait you want to use.

Rods have different levels and sizes, while bait affects the success rate of fishing and the type of fish that can be caught.

Start fishing

The Catch Genshin

Click the fishing button and pull the string several times to attract the fish. Make sure you hold the line well and pull quickly but slowly to bait the fish more effectively.

Catching fish

If the fish is interested, slowly pull on the line until the fishing distance is close enough and the fish can be caught. Follow the onscreen signs to determine when fish can be caught and click the fishing button to catch fish.

Get The Catch

Sometimes, the fish caught can become The Catch. These are items that can be found randomly while fishing and can be exchanged for other, more useful items.

The Catch can be found more easily if you fish at the right time and use the right bait.

Keep in mind, fishing takes time and patience, so be patient and try fishing at a different spot if you haven't managed to get The Catch.

Also, make sure you have enough stamina for fishing, because stamina will decrease when fishing.

Purplish The Catch Genshin Impact

The Catch Genshin

The Catch in Genshin Impact is an item that is found randomly when fishing and has several advantages that you need to know, such as:

  1. Exchange rate: The Catch can be exchanged for other items that are more useful and have a high exchange rate, such as Primogems, artifacts, and others.
  2. Rare item: The Catch is a rare item and hard to find, so it's very useful for players who want to improve their character and acquire more useful items.
  3. Improve characters: The Catch can be used to improve characters and make them stronger, so they can complete quests and defeat enemies more easily.
  4. Add collection: The Catch can also add to the player's item collection, so that it can make the player's collection more diverse and useful.
  5. Fishing process: The fishing process itself can be a fun activity and provide new experiences for players, so fishing can be a fun activity.

By paying attention to these advantages, players can understand the importance of The Catch and use it to improve their characters and get more useful items.

The Catch in Genshin Impact is a very useful item and has many advantages. By understanding how to get The Catch and its advantages, you can improve their characters and get more useful items.

The fishing process itself can also be a fun activity and provide new experiences for you. Therefore, you must make the most of your fishing opportunities to get The Catch and improve your character's quality.

Apart from that, players also need to manage The Catch Genshin well and exchange it for useful items so they don't go to waste. You can also share tips and tricks with friends on how to get The Catch and put it to good use.

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