Latest 2024 MLBB Valentine Skin Leaks

Moonton will re-release the newest series of Skin Valentine 2024. Leaks about this have also circulated in cyberspace.

Based on the leak, this year the players Mobile Legends The arrival of Sylvanna and Granger as the characters who will be given the newest couple skins, after Fanny and Claude who symbolize the "bucin duo" of 2023.

This skin is rumored to be included in the epic skin category, different from 2023 which is a special skin.

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Latest Valentine 2024 Skin Appearance

Valentine's Skin Leaks 2024. (Source: Youtube)

After Moonton released the Bruno skin in the Stralight category last January, this time we will likely have Sylvanna and Granger as the newest skins in the February 2024 edition, to be precise during the celebration of Valentine's Day.

This skin is really suitable for you Vicigers who want to have skin with their partner so they can strengthen themselves chemistry with the title "Lover", or it could be the "bucin duo" who will win the match in the Land of Dawn.

With a metallic purple color and attractive animation, Moonton presents Sylvanna skin and Granger along with the Lunar Event where skins can also be purchased, as of January 17 2024.

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How to Get Valentine's Skin 2024

Valentine Gusion-Lesley Skin
Gusion and Lesley, (Source: Youtube)

If it is released, you can get the Sylvanna and Granger Valentine couple skin on February 14 2024.

At the same time, you can also buy the last edition of the Valentine skin if you missed it.

You can buy Miya, Alucard, Clint, Claude and Layla skins. Apart from that, for the Lunar Fest skin you can get Aurora, Chang'e, Sun, Odette, Lolita and Luo Yi.

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Recommendations for Valentine Mobile Legends Skins

Miya Aluvard Valentine Skin
Alucard and Miya, (Source: Youtube)

There are several other Valentine skin recommendations that are no less cool! The most famous and often circulating on FYP TikTok are the Miya "Sweet Fantasy" and Alucard "Romantic Fantasy" skins.

This skin, which was released in 2018, has a white base color and a thick heart feel.

Miya looks beautiful in her pink dress and flower crown. Meanwhile, Alucard looks dashing like a fairy tale prince carrying his trusty sword.

Next, Skin Gusion “Valentine Liaison” and Lesley “Dangerous Love” with a gothic theme in black and red.

Khufra-Esmeralda Valentine Skin
Khufra and Esmeralda, (Source: Youtube)

This skin, which was published in 2019, is one of the recommendations that you should also take into account. The reason is, these two skins are often used by many pro players in various tournaments.

The Assassin and Marksman pair look harmonious in suits and matching dresses which complement the chemistry between them.

Moonton seemed to hear many requests from his fans at that time. Because, these two heroes have repeatedly been matched by players, because their skills are related to each other.

It doesn't stop there, if you pay attention, there is a lot of artwork circulating on social media regarding these two heroes depicted as a couple.

Then, there are also Khufra and Esmeralda which was carried on Valentine's Day 2020. You can get this skin in the shop menu now.

The theme at that time was "Partner in Crime", where Khufra was depicted as a thief and Esmeralda as his partner.

With a mafia-like vibe, Khufra and Esmeralda's valentine skins can accompany you when playing Mobile Legends with your partner!

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