How to Do Jungle Invade Mobile Legends 2022

Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

In this article, VCGamers will discuss how to do a jungle invade Mobile Legends in 2022.

There are many ways to win in multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. A common way to ensure victory is to stop enemies from getting stronger early in the game, and to be as aggressive as possible before they have completed their core item.

This is where the term jungle invade Mobile Legends comes in. Jungle invade Mobile Legends is an effective early game strategy if done right.

However, it is difficult to do, and usually requires a ready-made team. That is why jungle invade Mobile Legends is usually seen in professional games, but not in classic or ranked games.

Here is a brief explanation of what and how to do jungle invade Mobile Legends in 2022

Strategy Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

After you know what a jungle invader is, you also have to know what the roles and duties of a Jungler are. For those of you who don't know and want to know their duties, see the full review below!

Eliminate All Jungle Owned By Enemy

Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

The best way of this strategy is to finish off the enemy's jungle monsters. When the jungle monsters in the enemy's jungle area have been consumed by the Jungler, the amount of exp and gold that must be obtained by the opposing team will decrease.

This is of course very beneficial because in terms of team experience and gold, it will be much higher. This is also one of the factors that can make your team win.

Attacking the jungle is the act of attacking the opponent's side of the jungle before the first wave of creeps appears. Usually done by roamers or midlaners.

The main aim of this strategy is to delay the enemy jungler to get their buff, or steal it from them if possible.

At first glance, it's not game-changing compared to stealing the Lord or Turtle buff, but it's important in the early part of the game, as it sap your opponent's momentum.

Disturb a Jungling Enemy

Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

As mentioned above, when passing a jungle monster into an enemy team, his team will benefit from being an expert because it can get bigger. If your jungle monster ends up against the Jungler team, your team will lose points.

Your task, apart from passing through the enemy's jungle, is to disturb the enemy who is jungling. When you disturb him, the time will be extended.

Another term is buying time, it is also very beneficial for the team and if used properly, your team can push lanes and farm more freely. It can be said that a jungler must also be able to recover time when you disturb the enemy when it is a jungler.

Delaying the buff means that enemy junglers will take longer to complete their core item, and will not gain the buff advantage when taking objectives. On the other hand, the team's jungler will rotate more easily and excel at the start of the game.

Push All Opponent Turrets

Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

Besides having the task of going through all the jungles owned by the enemy, the task of this strategy is no less important than what is being done is pushing the opponent's turret.

The amount of jungler exp and gold is unquestionable, and is useful for making broken items. When the damage element has become strong enough, then the jungler can also be used to push the opponent's turret.

Kill All Enemy Heroes

Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

Joining when the team is at war to help the team is the last task of a jungler. Why is that? The answer is because of the possibility of Jungler damage elements, so it can be used as additional damage to the team. That's what makes junglers join the war so it's easier for the team to win the war.

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The Most Effective Way To Attack Enemy Jungle

Jungle Invade Mobile Legends

Roamers, with the help of midlaners on occasion, are usually the best jungle raiders. This becomes more effective if the roamer has a crowd control skill that changes the target's position, such as Tigreal or Franco.

At the start of the game, roamers will move towards the enemy buff past Litho Wanderer. The invader will then use his cc skills to try and reset jungle creep life, stun opponents, or snatch buffs for themselves.

It's also important that you don't push the situation too hard. Falling back if your health is low is equally wise because if the enemy jungler manages to turn the tide and kill you, it's a huge win for them.

Even though it's strongest in the early game, jungle invades Mobile Legends can occur throughout the game. Overall, jungle invade Mobile Legends is an effective strategy if you have the right heroes, the right time, and a ready-made team that can work with you.

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That was the way to do the jungle invade Mobile Legends strategy that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good source of reference for all of you. Also share this article with other players.

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