How to Beat the Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends, Definitely Give Up!

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It's hard to face the hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends? Make sure to check out the best ways to beat it in this article. Make sure to give up!

The adjustments made to this hero have actually become very sick and annoying. The dreaded energy mech would actually become even more terrifying. After losing another assassin as Lancelot, Fanny and Gussion, from Ninja ascended again. His reputation as a divided core hero is even stronger.

Hayabusa is one of the most annoying Assassins in Mobile Legends because of his high mobility and the resulting damage. If you are having trouble facing this hero, be sure to read the best way to defeat the Hayabusa Mobile Legends hero in this article!

So, what's the best way to deal with this Assassin? Without further ado, let's look at the reviews below.

How to Paralyze Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends

This hero cannot be attacked when he is performing his ultimate skill. Those of you who are annoyed with him don't worry, even though it's difficult it doesn't mean there's no way to beat him in ML games.

Don't Duel Alone With Him

Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends is an Assassin whose damage increases significantly when he is facing one target. Therefore, exploring the map on your own might not be the best idea when you have this hero on the opposing team because he will be able to focus all the damage he does on you.

One of his strengths is that he is very good in the one-on-one duel phase. If you really want to beat him, then don't do this. You will only become soft food if you duel one on one with him.

If you're not sure about his whereabouts, be sure to join another team or at least one so you don't have to take all the damage from his Ougi: Shadow Kill.

When you are forced to face him, then another alternative that you can do is to keep a safe distance from him. Also make sure that his released chain ability doesn't hit your hero.

With a long enough distance, the damage done from the body to body heroes like Hayabusa, doesn't hurt too much.

Use Assassin Counter Items

Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends
Wind Of Nature

If you are dealing with an Assassin with high burst damage it seems, there are certain items that you must get. If you are a Marksman, Wind of Nature should be your priority because it makes your hero immune to any physical damage for 2 seconds.

Therefore, you can completely deny the damage from Ougi: Shadow Kill if you time it right.

If you are a Mage, choose Winter Truncheon to freeze your hero for 2 seconds, which also makes him immune to any damage and CC effects. If you don't want to get this item, you can choose the Tank item to increase your Armor.

You can beat him in Mobile Legends by using Concentrated Energy items. The hero assassin seems to be an annoying and at the same time troublesome character for the opponent. Because, this hero can quickly attack the enemy suddenly.

Use Hero Counter Hayabusa

Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends

All heroes in Mobile Legends can be countered by using certain heroes, including this Assassin. There are many counter-picks for him, most of which are heroes with strong CC like Chou or Nana.

By using distracting CC, he will find it difficult to move freely. Thus, he would not be able to hit his target easily.

Players who are very skilled at using Quad Shadow, so the best way you can beat him is to use an MLBB hero who has the skill control effect.

You can't fight him with random heroes, because if you just choose a hero, it will be a snack for him in the Land Of Dawn.

Choose a hero that has a balanced composition, includes a fast exhaust mechanism, specializes in 1 on 1 and even 1 on 2, has the ability to shuffle fast, and has good control.

When Gank, you can also trust Chou with his damage or deadly skills that have an elimination effect. In addition, Akai with the Storm dance skill can also make him immobile, as long as the time of use is right before he moves the place.

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Ganking with a Team

Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends

As previously mentioned, Hayabusa's Ougi: Shadow Kill deals higher damage to a single target. Therefore, when you see him approaching you, try to get together with allies quickly to distribute the damage taken from his skills.

Ban Him

Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends

If you don't want to be bothered thinking of the best plan against him, you can always ban him during Draft Pick so you don't have to deal with him in the game.

Those are some ways to beat the best Hayabusa Mobile Legends hero. Stay tuned for more game info, and be sure to follow VCGamers on Instagram for the latest updates.

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