Ice Queen Wand, This Item Can Slow Down Enemies!

Ice Queen Wand

Hola Vicigers! The presence of the Ice Queen Wand item inside Mobile Legends: Bang Bang of many types items which the players can use turns out to function to strengthen heroes, of course, with different names, types, and functions.

In items Even this, there are special abilities that will certainly be profitable if used in the game.

One of the capabilities contained in items or heroes whose effect can be said to be very beneficial for players is Crowd Control or CC. Let's review a little about Crowd Control yes.

crowd control, Auspicious Ability For Heroes or Items

For players Mobile Legends certainly no stranger to hearing Crowd Control or this CC.

Crowd Control in Mobile Legends is an inherent ability heroes or whatever items which has advantages that are very profitable if used by players in the game.

Main ability of heroes or items which have Crowd Control is able to control and limit the movement of the opponent. This ability will definitely be very profitable if used in the game.

Ability Crowd Control It also has a different type for each heroes or itemsThe types of abilities include the following stun (unable to move for a while), slow (slow down and reduce movement), immobilize (movements made will be stopped), taunts (brings the opponent closer to the user heroes or items with this ability) silence (withhold skills issued), and finally knock up and knock back (moved to another place).

With presence items or heroes with this extraordinary ability, of course it will greatly benefit the team in carrying out the game.

Mobile Legends Items which have crowd control among others are Corrosion Scythe, Thunder Belt, Raptor Machete, Awe Mask, and last Ice Queen Wand items.

Priority from items items The following gives effects ranging from 13% to 90% (most give slow effect) which will be very useful and profitable if used to attack heroes opponent.

At first glance, it is certain that you will imagine what advantages players will get if they have and use it items or heroes with this ability.

Well, one items which will be discussed is items who have the ability Crowd Control, items it is Ice Queen Wand.

Item Ice Queen Wand in Mobile Legends

Item Ice Queen Wand in Mobile Legends is one of items included in the category Magic Damage items with ability crowd control.

As mentioned a little earlier, ability crowd control in Mobile Legends This has lots of advantages where one of them is to slow down or limit movement heroes on the opponent.

Item Ice Queen Wand this if plugged in heroes will give effect Movement Speed which is very good , where is the movement heroes that players use will be able to be faster.

Another effect of items this is heroes can hold the opponent from escaping easily so skills from heroes players will hit heroes fight longer.

Heroes with Ice Queen Wand items will add stat point on Magic Power as much 75 points. Additionally, additions Magic Lifesteal as much as 10%, addition Where's Reg as many as 150 point, as well as additions to Movement Speed as much as 7% in the game.

Items it also has a passive effect skills unique, where when skills given to the opponent, the opponent will slow down his movement during the game.

This effect lasts for 2 seconds, this effect can slow down the opponent's movement up to 15%, and can be repeated 2 times where if that happens, the opponent's movement will slow up to 30%.

Item Ice Queen Wand these can be obtained by players by expelling 2240 Gold, or by purchase Magic Wand items and Magic Necklace on shop items in Mobile Legends.

items presented Mobile Legends, which of course is very profitable, this should not be missed by players to use during the game because it's a shame if items useful is not used.

You've already tried to take advantage of items this one yet?

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