How to Master Maps Mobile Legends a la Pro Player

maps mobile legends

To win the game, we need to understand maps Mobile Legends and make the most of it.

Maps Mobile Legends consists of three lanes, namely gold lane, mid lane, and exp lane. Each lane has three turrets that must be destroyed to reach the enemy base.

Apart from the three lanes, there is also a jungle located in the middle of the map. Forests or jungles contain various monsters that can provide gold and experience to players.

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Tips for Mastering Maps Mobile Legends a la Pro Player

Mastering the Mobile Legends map is an important thing to win the game. You must know where the enemy is, and must be able to make quick decisions about which path to prioritize.

You also have to be able to take advantage of the resources on the map, such as buffs and turrets, to increase your strength.

Here are some tips for understanding maps like professional players.

Pay attention to Minimaps

Macro Mobile Legends
Mini Map To Read Macro Mobile Legends. Source: VCGamers.

The mini map is an important part of the Mobile Legends map. You should always pay attention to the mini map to find out the positions of enemies, teammates, and jungle monsters.

Each hero has different strengths and weaknesses. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each hero to be able to choose the right hero for every situation.

Before starting the game, make the right game strategy with your teammates. This strategy will help you to win the game.

Use the Ping Feature

Minimap Mobile Legends
Minimap Mobile Legends. Source: SPIN Esports

The ping feature is a great way to communicate with teammates.

Players can use ping to notify teammates of enemy whereabouts, buff locations and game plans.

If your lane is being pressed by enemies, don't be afraid to switch lanes with a teammate. This will help you to gain gold and experience, and make your team stronger.

It is important to divide your attention to all paths. If you only focus on one lane, the enemy will easily destroy other lanes.

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Take advantage of Buffs

Buff Jungle Mobile Legends
Buff Jungle Mobile Legends. Source Fine

Buff is a very important resource in Mobile Legends. Buffs can give players a significant power boost. Make sure to take buffs every chance you get.

Even if your team is behind, don't give up. There is still a chance to win the game. Keep playing and trying to make a comeback.

The more you play, the better you will understand the Mobile Legends map and the more chances you have to win the game.

By understanding the MLBB maps and applying the tips above, you will have more chances to win the game. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing now and be like a pro!

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