How to Download Anime for Free on Moenime, There are Indo Subs!

Before deciding to watch anime on the Moenime site, you should consider the dangers and risks of accessing illegal sites on a PC or cellphone
Moenime Site. Source:

There are several online sites that popular as a place stream or download anime for free. One of them is Moenime.

Sometimes, you can't watch all the anime titles currently being broadcast in Sakura country on your favorite streaming application.

You can even only watch some anime titles by searching for them on Google, either because they have been released a long time ago or because they are not available on the streaming application that you usually use.

If you are one of the people who has difficulty finding anime with Indonesian subtitles, let's try visiting Moenime. What is Moenime?

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What is the Moenime Anime Watching Site?

Moenime's initial appearance
Initial view of the Moenime site. Source:

Moenime is an anime portal site that provides various anime genres with Indonesian subtitles that you can download for free.

The site has a simple interface and is easy to learn for new visitors. There are more than 40 genres available such as Action, Slice of Life, and Comedy.

Popular anime is also available in full on this site. Just mention Shingeki no Kyojin and One Punch Man.

Not only anime that has finished, Moenime also provides anime that is still in progress ongoing Below is the release schedule.

This makes it very easy for you to record anime release schedules ongoing that you are currently interested in, such as Boushoku no Beserk and Dr. Stone Season 3 Part 2.

For those of you who are looking for anime films, no need to worry. The collection of anime films on this site is also quite complete.

One of the films that you can download for free is the anime film by Makoto Shinkai which was just released this year, Suzume no Tojimari.

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Moenime Site Features

Anime genre
Anime genre. Source:

There are at least 3 superior features available on the Moenime anime watching site. For further information, see the complete explanation below:

Search feature

This feature makes it very easy for users to search for their favorite anime just by entering keywords. So users don't have to scroll the screen for too long to find their favorite anime they want to watch.

Anime Download Feature

Moenime offers an anime download filter that makes it easy for users to access anime at any time offline. This is Moenime's advantage apart from having a large anime library.

Anime Request feature 

Users can submit requests to the admin to provide the anime they want. This feature is definitely not there even in paid streaming application though.

To use this feature you only need to access the Fanpage column listed on the Moenime site page.

Episode Update Notification Feature 

If the anime you want already exists and is still on-going. Users can also take advantage of the notification feature if there is a new episode update.

This feature helps users to always watch anime on time. Users only need to click the like logo on their favorite anime page. After that, a notification will appear when the anime episode you like is released.

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How to Download Anime on Moenime

How to download moenime anime
How to download anime on Moenime. Source:

After seeing the description above, of course you can't wait to start searching for and downloading your favorite anime from this site.

For those of you who want to download anime from this site for the first time, you don't need to be confused.

  • First: Open the anime site here;
  • Second: Look for the anime you want to download. You can search specifically by typing the anime title in the search field in the top right corner;
  • Third: Click “Anime list” to search for anime according to the genre you want;
  • Fourth: Choose the anime image you want;
  • Fifth: After that, you will go to a page containing information, synopsis and anime download link;
  • Sixth: Scroll the phone screen until you find the anime download link, select MP4, MKV, 240P, 360P, 480, and 720P;
  • Seventh: Select the resolution according to your wishes. After that you will go to the safelink page;
  • Eighth: After clicking the safelink, the "Human Verification" display will appear. After that search for "Double Click to Generate Link”;
  • Ninth: Click "Go To Link" and you will be directed to another page to download the anime you want.
Moenime - Human Verification
Human Verification. Source:

Risks of Using Moenime

Risks of Using Illegal Applications
Source: Excellent IT

Moenime does provide many anime and site features that really pamper users. If the user wants to download the finished anime at once, the user can download the batch file on the site.

However, you need to know that this site is not official like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Viu and other official applications.

There are two risks that haunt users anime watching site illegal, here is the explanation:

The first risk that users will experience when streaming anime on illegal sites is that the device is infected with a virus.

On the first try, up to a month, the device may still be safe. However, your device is still at risk of being exposed to malware.

When a device is infected with malware, the data on a PC or cellphone is vulnerable to being stolen. Therefore, users must think carefully before deciding to download on the Moenime site.

The second risk faced by users of illegal anime sites is Copyright infringement. When users of illegal sites become more prolific, anime creators suffer losses.

Because anime managed by production studios or individuals has a license. When a site wants to broadcast an anime, they have to buy a license from the copyright holder.

That's what's causing it illegal anime watching site provides anime for free. Unlike Netflix and several other streaming platforms that provide rates.

You need to know that the application purchase fee is actually money to pay the license to the copyright holder. At this point, do you still want to watch anime on illegal sites?

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So, that's a brief description of the free anime download portal site, Moenime. How about it, interested in finding your anime here?

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