A Multiplatform Horror Game That Is No Less Exciting Than Resident Evil

Multiplatform games that carry the concept of horror are definitely challenging to play. Moreover, if it also presents an interactive story-telling game mode. So, players won't get bored playing it quickly because they directly talk to other characters. However, some of the players' hopes sometimes do not materialize multiplatform horror game like this.

Multiplatform horror game  which has a solid story including Resident Evil. The Resident Evil game is even reported to be launching a new series. If you don't like Resident Evil, it turns out that there are at least two other multi-platform horror games to choose from that are no less scary. Both also have storylines that are not boring. So, below are two multiplatform horror game titles that present exciting story backgrounds plus a very challenging gameplay.

Man of Medan

A multiplatform horror game that has a long title, namely The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Multiplatform horror game it was first released at the end of August 2019 and can be played on computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One consoles. Man of Medan also carries a storyline with an interactive story-telling concept. The end of the game depends on the number of answers the player takes. Apart from being interesting because of the unpredictable jumpscare feature, players can also enjoy how the story that runs is so strong.

Man of Medan tells the story of five young men who are traveling on the Duke of Milan ship. While enjoying the atmosphere, the five of them were shocked by the presence of a mob of people who were about to rob and then transport the young man to a place, namely a shipwreck. The goal is to find treasure. The adventure begins with the wreck of the shipwreck where players will face how gripping it is when exploring the dark aisles of the ship. Players will also take turns choosing answers when talking to other characters.

Choice multiplatform horror game which is no less exciting than Resident Evil is taken from the tragedy of the sinking of the SS Ourang Medan. Some people think that all the crew members on board mysteriously died. But some others think that this story is just fiction.

The SS Ourang Medan is said to be a cargo ship owned by the Dutch East Indies government which sank while sailing across the Malacca Strait in the 40s. Including what is being debated about the incident of the deaths of the crew members of the SS Ourang Medan, namely the leakage of dangerous chemicals. From existing records, this cargo ship carried cargo in the form of potassium cyanide and nitroglycerine in large quantities. However, there are also those who say that the crew were killed by extraterrestrials. Even so, in this Man of Medan game the storyline used is poisoning with dangerous chemicals.

This Man of Medan multiplatform horror game is the first version of the planned 8 series that will be launched by Bandai-Namco with developer Supermasive Studio.

Little Hope

Similar to Man of Medan, Little Hope is the second in a series of 8 games in The Dark Pictures Anthology. This game takes the name of a village whose condition has been in ruins for a long time. The village is thought to have a strong mystical connection that can affect those who approach it. The story begins when a bus is carrying a number of passengers from a university through a route that leads to a small town called 'Little Hope'. However, due to the driver's negligence, on the way the group had an accident. In this game, players will take on the role of five different characters who take turns answering the ongoing story. Of course, the answers given by players can determine the direction the game will go.

In this multi-platform horror game, players can find it difficult to find villagers who are the actors behind the murders using magic. In Little Hope, a small child character named Mary appears, who will lead players to find answers to existing puzzles. It's just that, the clues that are displayed often confuse players. This multiplatform horror game is available for various devices, namely PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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