$VCG Token Holders Translucent Over 11 Thousand

New VCG Tokens

A total of 11,292 holders are recorded as owning Tokens $VCG. This is based on the data listed in BscScan which is a fairly well-known blockchain search tool for Binance Smart Chain purposes.

On that page it is stated that the total supply of $VCG Token is only 100 million. It is known that the supply is divided into several portions.

Namely, 4% in a private sale transaction, 35% Initial DEX Offering (IDO) or crowdfunding method: per sale on the PinkSale platform, 20% DEX (Decentralized Exchange, namely the decentralized exchange of crypto assets; PancakeSwap platform) 10% through CEX (Centralized Exchange is a platform that accepts several types of deposits (deposits) and supports several different digital assets).

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Then, the portion of 10% each through partnership, development, marketing and 1% giveway and airdrop.

Until now, there have been recorded as many as 79,586 transfers to tokens created by the nation's children who are members of VCGamers.

Holders Token $VCG Translucent 11,292

Tokens $VCG

The presence of the $VCG token is welcomed by the public. Many parties are flocking to have tokens made by this nation's children.

After the success of selling 35 million tokens when holding a pre-sale at the Launching, the number of $VCG token holders has continued to climb up until now. It is even recorded that the token holders have now reached 11,292.

It doesn't stop there, the market cap for the $VCG token has reached USD 12,104,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 173,377,090,800 (exchange rate = Rp. 14,323.95) today, Monday 14 February 2022. In addition, the Liquidity of $VCG tokens is also at 3,011.45 bnb.

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$VCG Token Price Increases Significantly

Tokens $VCG

The $VCG token price has also experienced a significant increase after launching some time ago.

This time, Token $VCG has done a 'kill one zero' from the first time it came out. Of course, you still have the opportunity to own the $VCG token right now.

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Overview of the $VCG Token

$VCG Token is a domestic crypto asset developed on top social commerce platform that connects gamers and allows you to buy and sell digital game items and NFT assets. This will certainly give $VCG a token of real practical utility within the VCGamers ecosystem.

It is known that VCGamers as an e-commerce platform received initial funding led by Beenext and Raffi Ahmad's RANS Ventures of up to 2.6 million USD or the equivalent of Rp. 37.2 billion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,318.75).

In this funding there are also several parties participating. Among them, Google Executive Ari Fadyl and Vice President of Collab Asia, Jerry Soer.

This investment is known to have increased VCGamers' valuation to US$20 million or around Rp.286 billion.

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