5 Demon ML Heroes that Make the Enemy Afraid

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular online games today. There are more than 100 heroes in the game. One of them is the ml demon hero who has a scary appearance.

Because this game has exciting gameplay and has many heroes. So, this time we will discuss about the demon ml hero who can frighten the enemy.

As we mentioned before, because Mobile Legends has more than 100 heroes, of course these heroes have different races and the ml demon hero is one of the races in Mobile Legends.

List of the Most Scary Demon ML Heroes

Are you interested in demon ml heroes? If so, let's see the full discussion below.


demon ml heroes
Alice is the scariest hero in MLBB

The first ml demon hero is Alice. For those who don't know, Alice is nicknamed the Blood Demon Queen, just by looking at her nickname we can know that she is the leader of the Blood Demon.

Well, this one race has a unique way of life, taking power from others and sucking the blood of those around it. Just by looking at the way of life, we know that this race is very dangerous.


demon ml heroes
Selena is included in the list of scary heroes 

Then there is Selena, this hero is a descendant of a dark elf who was sacrificed by her people to the abyss of darkness called the Shadow Abyss. Well, there is a powerful demon in the abyss. She is Selene.

Instead of dying when she fell into the abyss, Selena survived, not only gaining the power of the Abyss Dominator. This makes Selena a bad person. 


demon ml heroes
Dyrroth became the prince of the MLBB demon race

Another evil Mobile Legends demon hero is Dyrooth. According to the stories, he was known as the prince of the lost Moniyan Empire, judging from his appearance, Dyrroth belonged to the demon race.

Now Dyrroth had become a cruel and terrible person with a very sinister aura about him. Because of that, Alice invited him to cooperate and fight with other heroes. 


demon ml heroes
Phoveus is a scary demon race in MLBB

The next one is Phoveus, this man has a strong body and a scary face. Besides that, his clothes are also pure purple and he uses weapons in the form of iron balls.

At first glance, Phoveus looks like a gladiator fighter, but he has mystical powers. Well, that's why he is a cruel hero because he has strong resistance and also dark mystical powers.

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demon ml heroes
Moskov the demon legend in MLBB

Another evil Demon Mobile Legends Hero is Moscow. For those who don't know, Moskov is a character from the Wildsand tribe and also Khaleed's best friend. He and Khaleed lead the clan into battle with Thornwolf.

Now fighting Thornwolf and Khufra, Moskov dies and falls down Abby's pit. There he trades his soul with the devil to gain power and revenge on him.

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That was the Demon Mobile Legends hero. So after reading this article, which hero do you like and often play? Don't forget to top up Mobile Legends diamonds only at VCGamers!

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