Hero Counter Atlas MLBB, No More Difficult Words!

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Check the list of Atlas hero counters MLBB here which will help you to defeat him easily. There are no more difficult words to deal with.

Since Mobile Legends entered Season 17, slowly but surely, Atlas has become a popular meta tank hero, and a mainstay of pro team drafts in the competitive arena.

In Southeast Asia, The Ocean Gladiator is the hero of choice for many players in Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 5.

Some player support even picked him up with Khufra. This trend has continued through the recent MPL Invitational 4 Nation League, which shows that Atlas is highly regarded in various countries.

This further inspires MLBB players to learn and master this hero, both in Classic and Ranked modes.

Atlas' most appreciated skill is his ultimate, Fatal Links. By using this skill, he can perform hard crowd control on many opposing heroes and throw them at his teammates.

All other skills also have a crowd control effect, and are the main reason why opponents find it difficult to play against them.

However, there is no hero who doesn't have a counter in Mobile Legends. Here are some options for Atlas MLBB hero counters

List of Hero Counter Atlas in Mobile Legends


Hero Counter Atlas

As a fighter hero with high damage and resistance, Chou can be the right choice, both in avoiding and as a counter hero for Atlas.

In this case, Shunpo, Chou's second skill, provides immunity to crowd control, which is effective against the hero's ability.

Apart from Shunpo, the knock-up and knock-back effects of Chou's first and third skills can also make it difficult for him to start.


Hero Counter Atlas

Even though she doesn't do a lot of damage, Nana can be a very effective counter hero for Atlas and gives her the trouble of initiating when using Molina Smooch.

If locked onto Atlas, he would lose a few seconds of momentum to begin with. It could also stop him altogether from rescuing his teammates as he would be turned into a small rabbit with low mobility, and refused to activate any skills.

Nana is able to protect the core hero very well because this hero has a lot of CC skills so that the opponent's hero attacks can be easily thwarted. This hero is really suitable to be assigned as a Support hero, the core hero is guaranteed to be safe when protected by him.


Hero Counter Atlas

Diggie is a support hero who often gets banned in the draft pick system. Diggie's popular feeder meta is probably the biggest reason why he is often banned by players.

What makes Diggie so deadly is his skill set with great damage at the start of the game. In addition, this owl hero can negate opponent's skills thanks to his ultimate skill which has the potential to become a counter hero for Atlas.


Hero Counter Atlas

As a tank hero, Franco has the appearance and strength that is enough to frighten opponents. His skills are also not very helpful, because he has the first skill that can attract opponents towards him.

However, Franco's ace card comes from his ultimate skill which can fight against Atlas when he also performs his ultimate skill.

If Franco uses his ultimate skill when he performs his ultimate skill within range, Franco can stun him and make his final skill null and void.

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Hero Counter Atlas

The last hero is probably the most effective choice for an Atlas counter hero. Valir is a fan-favorite mage among players at all skill levels because his abilities are very useful in one-on-one situations and in team battles.

This is because Valir's ultimate skill, Vengeance Flame, clears him of all crowd control effects, including Atlas.

In addition, Valir's other ranged skills, Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent, will make him think carefully before starting a team fight, or risk burning to death.

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So, that was the list of Atlas MLBB hero counters that made it difficult for him in Land Of Dawn. Which is your favorite hero?

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