Underestimated! This Character Turns Out to Be Just as Strong as Chrono Free Fire

Clash Squad FF

Even though characters like Chrono Free Fire and Skylers are strong, there are many characters in Free Fire who can match their strength but are underestimated. Who are they?

In Free Fire, characters like Chrono Free Fire and Alok are undoubtedly the best choices to increase your chances of winning. They are loved by almost every player in the FF game.

However, there are some underrated characters in Free Fire who are very strong but are ignored by players. This character is also more accessible than great characters like Chrono Free Fire and Alok.

Strong Character Same as Chrono Free Fire


Chrono Free Fire

Clu's Tracing Step Skill allows him to detect enemies within 75 meters standing for 7.5 seconds. Needless to say, this skill is amazing, especially in Squad because the position is shared with teammates. You can scout the positions of most of the enemies and plan your attacks, defense plans.

When the player begins to improve his skills, his true potential opens. At max level, you can find enemies within a 75 meter radius. The ability remains active for 7.5 seconds, and information is shared with teammates.


Chrono Free Fire

Xayne is a character in Free Fire who will go to extremes to test the limits. Her abilities are perfect for people who want the same thing.

When activated, Xayne's ability will give you 80 temporary HP instantly along with a 100 percent increase in damage to shields and Gloo Walls.

Xayne has an extreme love for Free Fire. He went full throttle or nothing. Due to his unique traits, he is the perfect character to turn to when things get out of hand.

Huge HP increase will give you a big advantage to win the battle and enemies can't hide because of bonus damage on Gloo Wall and shields.

Her 'Xtreme Encounter' ability temporarily increases her HP by 80. She also gains 40 percent increased damage against gloo walls and shields. At max level, the damage done to gloo and shields increases to 100 percent.


Chrono Free Fire

Alvaro is a very strong character like Chrono Free Fire, but one of the most underrated characters in FF.

Alvaro's Art of Demolition can increase explosion damage by 20 percent and damage range by 10 percent. This allows you to hit people with Grenades more easily and take them down without harm.

He is a character skilled in using explosive weapons. The skill increases the damage and area of the explosion.

You use weapons like Launchers or trow items like grenades to use the skills. At level 1, the skill will increase the explosion damage by 6 percent and 7 percent increase the width of the explosion area.

He was perfect for a barbarian payer. His skill is also very skilled in using bombs. Gives an additional explosion effect with a fairly large explosive area. Not surprisingly, Alvaro is quite strong like Chrono Free Fire.


Chrono Free Fire

Can't find a silencer in Free Fire? Not a problem. When using Rafael, you don't need it. Years of training as a Master Hitman have allowed him to create his own version of silencer.

Her 'Dead Silent' ability gives players a silencing effect when using snipers and semi snipers. At base level, enemies hit and knocked down will lose HP 20 percent faster. When maximized, the bleed out rate increases to 45 percent.

Rafael is the perfect character for a sniper player. His ability adds a silent effect to all snipers.

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Chrono Free Fire

Jota was recently buffed so his abilities will work with all weapons. Additionally, he will restore health every time he damages an enemy on top of the health when he defeats an enemy. Her abilities offer a large amount of healing for rusher players.

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Those are the 5 best characters that are often underestimated by many FF players. Unfortunately, they don't know that this character is as strong as Chrono Free Fire. How about it, do Vicigers friends already know about this?

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