Gun Bros 2, Super Fun Dual Shooter Game on Android

For those who don't know the previous Gun Bros game, this game is very simple and maybe too ordinary. Players here play the role of the characters Francis or Percy, then try stage by stage with the same mission, namely to finish off everything that moves. In Gun Bros 2, of course there are several updates that have been given, including better visuals.

Dual Shooter Games

To play Gun Bros 2 is quite easy, the left button is when you want to move, while the right button is the shooting button as in a dual shooter game. Every time the stage is opened automatically enemies will appear like waves which can reach up to 50 enemies. Because of that, what is needed is that players must always move to find gaps while shooting in order to continue to survive.

Currently, the maps that are running are increasingly diverse, plus they offer horizontal high and low diversity. Meanwhile, in previous versions of Gun Bros, players could only rotate in a flat area. In Gun Bros 2, if the player is at a height and then pressed, he can automatically retreat and if possible, the character being played can immediately jump down for a moment's pause before returning to face dozens of enemies who attack again.

Complete Aircraft with Missiles

Players also sometimes get help in the form of an airplane equipped with a large caliber missile weapon that can be used for some time. But the player must first get to the delivery point. After the ship is dropped, an arrow will automatically appear indicating the position of the delivery point. The problem is that sometimes the arrows are in the lower left and right corners of the screen which are automatically blocked by a pair of player's thumbs. Therefore the player must raise his thumb to check it. Imagine if at that time there were dozens of enemies targeting you.

Weapon Mods

Gun Bros 2 offers two new menus for weapons, namely mods and shield penetration. The mods in Gun Bros 2 are basically extra aids that can be attached to the main weapon. This mod has a different function than the red mod to summon a robot which automatically hunts down enemies and then blows itself up. Or the blue mod which immediately forms a void that always hurts enemies within its reach.

Meanwhile Shield Penetration is a special augment that can be applied to the weapon used so that it can break into the opponent's defense immediately. Opponents who appear in the Gun Bros 2 game may carry blue, yellow or red shields. Therefore players must first check the shield penetration to the color of the opponent's shield. A weapon can only carry 1 type of shield penetration where players can use at most 2 weapons in each battle.

Multiplayer Mode

In addition to the single player mode, Gun Bros 2 players can also play multiplayer mode via survival mode where players can bring friends via Game Center or Facebook. Gun Bros 2 also continues to implement the Bro system where players can choose Game Center friends as bros or battle partners. So if that friend happens to have a strong character plus a reliable weapon, of course the game will be easier because the standard bro is immediately replaced with the friend's character.

Half of the things served in the store have to be paid for with IAP. But fortunately, they are still provided with quite the same great weapons that can be paid for using explodium, the currency in Gun Bros 2. Like similar games, this game also offers grinding. You could say Gun Bros 2 is a game about the real Grinding.

Gun Bros 2 is an exciting continuation. The improvement in visual quality also deserves a thumbs up because players can see the details and the application of areas that are quite complicated, especially in a horizontal view. Gun Bros 2 is suitable for fans of grinding games as well as a dual stick shooter system.

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