What GTA V Stocks to Buy in 2023? Watch This!

GTA v what shares to buy

Share  GTA v what is good to buy If you are still confused about getting the best for 2023, there are some of the best stocks that you can really collect.

Stocks are a great way to make money, which is why GTA 5 players can invest in a number of options. The stock market plays a major role in GTA 5. 

You can invest in several models. However, this is quite a risky business.

If you don't know what they are doing, you can lose a lot of money. 

You can fix the market according to your own will. In simple terms, you just need to buy and sell at the right time.

Most of these missions must be completed after the main story, because at this point, the Vicigers will have enough money to invest in stocks.

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After earning a lot of money, stocks GTA v what to buy? You can listen to the reviews below to get the best recommendations for 2023.

Debonaire Cigarettes (DEB)

GTA v what shares to buy
GTA 5 stock. Source: Youtube.

Debonaire Cigarettes (DEB) applies to Multi-Target Assassination missions. You have to invest in Debonaire Cigarettes (DEB) first. This needs to be done with the LCN website. 

After completing the mission, you must buy Redwood Cigarettes (RWC). You will see a massive return on investment with Redwood Cigarettes (RWC). 

Starting from 290 percent to 390.87 percent. You can easily make millions if they play their cards right.

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Gold Coast Construction (GDC)

GTA 5 best stocks
GTA 5 best stocks. Source: Hotgame Magazine.

Murder Construction is your last chance to manipulate the stock market. Before starting, they had to invest in Gold Coast Construction (GDC). 

You have to do it with the LCN website. Once you sell it, you can see a 75 percent to 80 percent return on investment.

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Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET)

Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET)
Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET). Source: Youtube.

Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET applies to Hotel Assassination. You need to buy Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET) right before they go on a mission. 

Vicigers can do this on the BAWSAQ website. Once the mission is completed, they must invest in Bilkington Pharmaceuticals (BIL). 

You will see an amazing 65-80 percent return on investment when they sell. However, you will have to wait a few in-game hours as this allows stocks to reach their highest potential. It doesn't end there because you have to sell at the right time.

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The Vice Assassination

What GTA v shares did The Vice Assassination buy
The Vice Assassination. Source: youtube.

GTA v what shares to buy? The Vice Assassination is next on this list. Before carrying out the mission, GTA 5 players must buy Fruit stock (FRT). 

You can do it at BAWSAQ and after that, you can buy Facade (FAC). After that, you have to sell it with a profit of 25 percent to 35 percent.

It is not as much as the other missions. However, it still pays a lot of money. At this point, you should already have a lot of money through stocks.

Before you start your Bus Assassination mission, you must remember not to buy or sell any shares in GTA 5.

After a mission is completed, buy Vapid stock (VAP), save the game four to eight times as Trevor, and sell ownership when the profit is around 90 percent.

Before the Assassination Construction mission, buy Gold Coast (GCD) stock. When you're done, save the game three or four times while you're playing as Franklin and sell when the profit is around 50 percent. The last investment must be made before the first random Hitch List event in GTA 5. 

Purchase Tinkle (TNK) stock before starting this mission. When finished, save the game as Franklin a few times and sell the holdings when the profit is around 30 percent.

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