Note! Here's a List of GTA 5 Trophies You Should Know

GTA 5 trophies

Cup GTA 5 is one of the achievements that you can get after completing several missions in the game.

Hunting for GTA 5 achievements and trophies is an important part of this game. Lots of gamers often hunt for missions to get this. 

As you know, in this cool game there are lots of missions that can be completed. However, only a few players can complete all missions.

Unfortunately, to complete this mission is not easy to do. So to get the GTA 5 trophy is not as easy as one might imagine. 

So, what are the complete lists of GTA 5 trophies? If Vicigers doesn't know yet, let's look at the review below.

Complete List of GTA 5 2022 Trophies

Trophies are the best achievements in GTA 5 that players must complete to complete all missions. There are around 77 missions that you have to complete.

In this game, there are two trophies mission what you can get. Namely hidden trophies (difficult to complete missions) and regular mission trophies.

Hidden GTA 5 Trophies

Mission to get GTA 5 trophies
Missions in the game GTA 5. Source: Youtube.
  • Legend of Los Santos – You can get it by completing all the previous missions in Story Mode on PS3 or PS4. 
  • Criminal Rush – Finish all games. 
  • Solid Gold, Baby! – Earn 70 gold medals for Missions and Strangers.
  • San Andreas Sightseer – Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County All's Fare in 
  • Love and War – Buy Downtown Cab Co
  • TP Industries Arms Race Personal Fares: Buy Hangar McKenzie Field and win the arms race. 
  • Multidisciplinary: Earn gold medals in all hobbies and related hobbies. 
  • Beyond the Stars: Collect and restore all spaceship parts. 
  • A Mystery, Solved: Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson. 
  • Waste Management: Buy an old wharf and collect all the nuclear waste.
  • Red Mist: Complete all rampages in the game. 
  • Show Off – Complete all jump stunts. 
  • Kifflom! – This achievement/trophy is unlocked after completing Ignorance of the Truth 
  • Three Man Army – Survive at least 3 minutes to 3 Star Wanted level with all three characters together exiting the mission. 
  • Out of Your Depth – After being killed by a shark this achievement/trophy becomes available. 
  • Altruist Acolyte – Send unsuspecting victims into the altruist cult. 
  • A Lot of Cheddar – Spend a total of $200 million for all three characters. 
  • Trading Pure Alpha: Benefit from a total investment in the stock market. 
  • Pimp My Sidearm – Modify weapons. 
  • Wanted: Alive Or Alive – Kill someone important in the game. 
  • Los Santos Customs – Fully modified vehicles. 
  • Close Shave – Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges. 
  • A New Perspective: play the first 15 hours of GTA in first person mode (enhanced edition only).

One of the difficult GTA 5 trophies to get is when you have to complete the Show Of mission. This mission tasks the player with finding 50 ramps in the city of Los Santos and throwing them down.

Finding everything is not as easy as one might think, you definitely need skills to save time. However, even if you have the skill, there are some jumps that are really hard to do.

If you can reach the required speed and reach the landing area without crashing, the jump will not count. You might be frustrated by doing this mission.

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GTA 5 Regular Mission Cups

Mission to get GTA 5 trophies
Missions in the game GTA 5. Source: Youtube.
  • Welcome to Los Santos – Meet Franklin and Lamar.
  • A Friendship Resurrected – Complete a Fame mission or a similar mission.
  • A Fair Day's Pay – Complete Caida Libre
  • The Moment of Truth – Complete Bury the Hatchet
  • To Live or Die in Los Santos – You must complete the last mission.
  • Diamond Hard – Complete the Jewel Store Job mission.
  • Subversive – Complete the Merryweather Heist mission.
  • Blitzed – Complete Blitz Play missions.
  • Small Town, Big Job – Complete Paleto Score missions.
  • The Government Gimps – Complete Bureau Raid missions.
  • The Big Ones! – Earn more points.
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Initially there are 44 GTA 5 trophies (plus the PS exclusive Platinum Trophy), although this number increases in the upgraded version, you can still complete them easily.

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