It's fun to be a railroad entrepreneur in Train Station 2

For train fans, games that give you the mission of controlling train travel, buying new trains, or transporting various goods by train are certainly very exciting. But gamers in general can still play games without getting bored Train Station 2 complete with various challenges in it.

Train Management

Train Station 2  is a game with the concept of railroad transportation management as a continuation of Train Station made by developer Pixel Federation Games. In this game, players act as a tycoon with the main mission being able to manage the train fleet so they can make as much money as possible and also become a railroad king. Train Station 2 has an exciting gameplay, in fact it also includes a story about the installation of railroads as well as city building. Players get materials taken from mines, then send them to various locations that need them, while of course collecting profits and developing a train fleet.

In order to carry mining materials, players only need to send a train to the location and then wait for it to return. These materials are then transported to the warehouse. The materials that have been collected generally require several workers where players can see them on the map. Player Train Station 2  it is enough to deliver the necessary materials to that location to complete the mission and then earn rewards.

3 Operators

Although player Train Station 2  can manage many trains, but delivery to the mine site depends on the number of operators. At the beginning of the game, players are only provided with 3 operators so they can only run 3 train fleets at the same time. In order to increase the number of operators, players must watch advertisements, or rent paid premium money, namely Gems.

During the game, players get several keys which are rewards. The key functions to open containers containing various locomotives that can be owned. The locomotives are with a gacha or random system, which means that players may get rare locomotives but also maybe just standard locomotives. Each locomotive has a certain capacity, but players can increase or upgrade it to the maximum.

Global Business Expansion

Train Station 2  is a game that has beautiful 3D visuals. Players can watch the train they have going on the rails to their destination in real time. There is a map for that where players can zoom. Interestingly, there will be no train accidents in this game, because the trains can wait for each other if one passes first. That way players don't have to be confused about traffic management for train traffic. Players can also expand this business to a number of countries in the world if indeed the level reached is sufficient.

Online Games

It is just, Train Station 2 This is an online game, where the player's gadget must be connected to the Internet in order to run it. If during the game you experience network problems, players will usually get a notification if the connection is bad. And as is generally a free game, in Train Station 2 you can also find a microtransaction menu, where players can redeem Gems currency, which functions to buy game money and also premium loot boxes.

Train Station 2 This is a casual game, considering that the management required is quite small, easy to master, so it is suitable for all ages to play. Train Station 2 presents the excitement of collecting lots of trains, developing a fleet of trains to the world level, as well as climbing the title of railroad tycoon. Have a nice play!

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